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Caro Bruzzone: Big Sister

24 March 2022

Caro Bruzzone

CSO / Partner
SlapGlobal, Bueno Aires
Carolina Bruzzone is an advertising professional with over 20 years of experience in marketing and communications. She started her advertising career at Del Campo Saatchi &Saatchi and over the years she has helped agencies become the most efficient in LatinAmerica.
In 2021, she was awarded as “Best Strategy Professional in Advertising Agency” by Editorial Dossier and recognized as one of the Leading Women in Argentina by Adlatina and AdAge.
Today she is CSO at Slap Global, a business accelerator through creativity that was born in the middle of a pandemic.
Big Sister
I became a big sister 371 days after I was born.
Yes, my first sister was born just a year and 6 days after me.

My parents got married 5 months after meeting for the first time, doing things quickly was kind of their style. Although my second sister was born 5 years later, I guess they slowed down after understanding raising two babies was not as easy as making them.

I love my sisters a lot, just how big sisters do. And I love being the oldest, it has become in one way or another part of my identity.

Somehow, I believe that we, strategists, are advertising’s big sisters: showing the way where awesome can happen, taking care of the brands, the business, the ideas, and being happy when our work helps everyone else’s to be better. What can be more ‘big sister’ than that?

In 2010 both of my sisters decided to live abroad. I knew I was going to need help going through those times, and that’s when I started therapy.

Therapy has now become a standard weekly practice in my life and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. Topics have changed since 2010, of course, but it has helped me on a personal and professional level.

A few years ago, I realized while being in a therapy session, that the briefs that came along my desk had something in common with the life I was living. Let me explain this. If I was struggling with my weight, a beauty brand would need my help working on their purpose, aimed to help women and their self-esteem. When I resumed training after a knee injury, an isotonic brand would brief me on their new product. Even once, in an agency where I didn’t have fun at all, we simultaneously received 3 briefs about enjoyment.

You might not believe this, but brands started to come into my life at perfect timing. In a way it seemed magical, in other ways very healing. While I was dealing with briefs, I could solve some of my personal problems, and vice-versa: everything that happened to me, was applicable to the job to be done.

Far from what might be expected, this tactic was very successful in delivering strategies that led to great creative and effective work.
I can say that I definitely learnt that there is nothing like a relevant human truth to tackle any brief.

Going back to my sisters. I didn’t tell you before, but my middle sister is in real estate, my youngest one is a psychologist, and I’m a strategist in advertising. We do very different things professionally. At least that’s what I thought until I met one of the most BRUZZONEAs I told her, I also said: “very different choices, right?” And she said, “I don’t think so, the one in real estate sells things, the psychologist studies people, and you study people to sell things”.

She gave me that extra lesson about everything being connected.

I guess that what I am trying to share with you is that being a strategist is not far from being a sensitive human being, who can observe their surroundings searching for human truths, make the right connections, and tell captivating stories.

Thanks for reading!