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LIA Announces the 2022 Health & Wellness Jury President along with his esteemed Jury

10 May 2022


Following the return to onsite judging in Las Vegas for 2022, LIA is pleased to announce the Jury Presidents and jury members who will be meticulously looking at and awarding work for Health & Wellness.
The Health & Wellness jury will be headed by Tim Hawkey, Chief Creative Officer of AREA 23.
This year, for the first time, the juries for Health & Wellness, as well as, Pharma & Medical will have the opportunity to award a Public Service/Social Responsibility Grand LIA. This new Grand LIA will be selected specifically from the Public Service/Social Responsibility gold winners.
Barbara Levy, President of LIA, explained: “We feel that Public Service/Social Responsibility work deserves to have its own Grand LIA, apart from the other categories.  It’s time to shine a light on the work done for the good of the public in the area of Health & Wellness, as well as, Pharma & Medical, especially as they have to navigate more restrictions than work in the same category in other competitions. We are confident that these two juries will be able to set the bar appropriately for these inaugural Grand LIAs.”


Tim Hawkey
Chief Creative Officer
“I’m really looking forward to presiding over the Health & Wellness jury this year. Winning at LIA has long been among the highest accolades in the industry, so it will be an honor to help set the bar for excellence this year.
I’m impressed with the commitment the LIA organizers have made to increasing gender and racial diversity on their juries, and I’m looking forward to having previously underrepresented voices join in on the debate.”
           Samantha Dolin                                                 Alessandra Gomes                                          Martin Hafley
            Rachel McCready                                             Patrick Moos                                                     Dirk Poschenrieder
              Geet Rathi                                                         Xavier Sánchez Civil                                         Shamel Washington
                                                                                      Angela Williams