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The Imposterous Podcast with guest Damon Stapleton

02 June 2022


This week's guest Damon Stapleton, Chief Creative Officer of The Monkeys and
Accenture Interactive New Zealand

LIA has partnered with Michael Knox and Graham Drew to bring you a podcast series dedicated to exploring the oft felt, but little-talked about phenomena of Imposter Syndrome within the Creative Industry. With a new episode every week, The Imposterous has been created to explore the theory that even the world’s most respected creative professionals suffer pangs of inadequacy that either stifle their potential brilliance or protect them from mediocrity. Tune in to find out how Imposter Syndrome might just be your superpower, if you let it.
Damon Stapleton, a creative who makes it his business to create a place where all creatives can feel comfortable enough to sell their ideas that nobody can see yet – like a fleet of invisible cars. Damon knows a lot about those cars you can’t see, because all of us have seen them by now. From the Trillion Dollar Billboard to the Lottery ad that was actually a ticket.