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Reflections from 2023 Creative Coaching: Mentees Candice Sosiong at Oddefy Creative and Vitor Palma at Saatchi & Saatchi Middle East

05 December 2023


The Creative LIAisons mentorship program was truly one for the books! Every second was a blast, absorbing everything my coaches mentioned and taking down notes as much as I could to review and apply them to my work. As someone who is fairly new and raw to this creative and exciting industry, I'm truly grateful for this program for getting young creatives like me fired up and inspired to explore what's next. I'm beyond grateful for the experience and hope to meet all my coaches in person someday!

Shoutout to Coach Toby Talbot, Chief Creative Officer AUNZ Ogilvy Australia!

Thank you for molding me to become a better writer.

I'm truly honored for you letting me come up with my own ideas and critiquing them on how I can improve it further. Thank you for imparting knowledge on how to be more clear and direct to the point in writing scripts (especially headlines) to really communicate the message better. I'll carry on your advice about focusing on insights and bringing them to life, about articulating ideas better, about starting with small ideas first and turning them into something huge. 

Shoutout to Coach Samira Rafi, Creative Director, Boomerang Communication, Casablanca!

Thank you for pushing me to become a confident creative thinker. 

You taught me to never be shy about sharing your ideas with anyone and to never let fear stop you from unleashing your inner creativity. You made me realize that sometimes it's about perspective and looking at things differently, because maybe it's about generating new alternatives or approaching old concepts in new ways. To go crazy. Mix things around. Have fun. To just truly enjoy the process and to not doubt yourself along the way.

Shoutout to Coach Vinicius Stanzione, Executive Creative Vice President at Leo Burnett Tailor Made, São Paulo!

Thank you for inspiring me to become a better creative in our industry.

Whether it's being updated with recent trends or paying attention to people's lifestyles, that may just be the spark that you're looking for to start a great idea, because when you listen more, you'll learn more. I remember you advised me to just put in the work and the rest will follow. Don't mind all the possible errors that might come up and just write before fixing anything, because it's better to be hardworking without natural talent than to have talent, but not put in any work or effort at all. 

And of course, a huge thanks to LIA!

Thank you for making this happen and connecting us to some of the world's greatest! 


The entire Creative LIAisons experience was very enriching. It was my first time being mentored by someone, and the fact that I got three great coaches (Chris Gurney, Group Creative Director APAC, Virtue Worldwide, Singapore; Sompat Trisadikun, Chief Creative Officer, GreyNJ United, Bangkok and Shane Geffen, Executive Creative Director, HERO, Melbourne), that happened to be some of the leading people in the creative community was a real plus. Their international backgrounds not only expanded my industry knowledge, but also fostered connections within a global network. Beyond just picking up technical know-how, their diverse takes on things gave me a well-rounded view of creativity.

One of the most key takeaways was the importance of building connections with peers from diverse areas. These relationships are the secret sauce for bringing creative ideas to life. It's about forming a collaborative network where varied perspectives converge, creating a fertile ground for innovation and turning ideas into reality.

Overall, this experience highlighted the importance of building a network within this dynamic creative community that we all work in. And the importance of avoiding narrow-mindedness when approaching processes, encouraging an openness to diverse methods and perspectives. It's about finding inspiration and solutions from unexpected places within this globally connected creative space.