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Reflections From Creative Coaching: 2022 Mentee, Brittany Benitez

10 January 2023


LIA Creative LIAisons offers a rare opportunity to be connected with and mentored by the best minds of the creative industry. Not many people can say they’ve met with the CEO and Founder of Thinkerbell, or the ECD at The Monkeys, and spoke virtually with the Deputy Cheif Creative Officer of Ogilvy Worldwide.

I will be forever grateful to be a part of this program.

Below are a few of the takeaways from each session with my Coaches:

Barbara Humphries - ECD at The Monkeys
A powerhouse leader with a heart of gold. 

Award-winning work aside, Barbara is a genuine person that cares and nurtures the next generation of creative thinkers. During our session we discussed how to navigate the world of advertising as a female, staying true to yourself while climbing the ranks, and the future of the industry.

A few nuggets of gold we discussed were:

Finding an advocate within your department can open the door to future opportunities. 

Be yourself - no one can think like you, which is the best skill you have.

The nature of jobs will change, so always evolve.

Consultancies and tech companies will be great places to work.

Joe Sciarrotta - Deputy Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy Worldwide
Problem solver, with a playful mindset.

With a very successful career and a title to reflect this, Joe is a world of wisdom and a humble leader. We chatted about ways to look at problem solving, keeping a childlike mindset and showcasing his new pizza oven.

Look for a problem a brand can solve, not a problem a brand has.

The older child can lack a playful mindset, so be young and have fun.

Work hard, but have fun.

Adam Ferrier - Founder and Chief Thinker at Thinkerbell
A forward thinker and an approachable person.

A name many know from Gruen or a prominent industry figure, Adam is a very knowledgeable person and such a character. Our session consisted of many laughs, how to deal with an ever-evolving industry and a common love for creating our podcasts.

Treat yourself as a brand. Work out what your assets are. Keep the same look, down to what you wear - this puts yourself in a position of power.

Find interesting and charming ways to express your personality. An example, create a year long campaign of why you’re the best fit.

Acknowledge no one knows your brand and the only way is consistent reminders of your existence. If you second guess that you’re bugging them, remember you don’t mean that much.

Titles are a thing of the past. That’s why his company uses titles such as Head of Craft, Creative Thinker, Lead Thinker etc.

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Overall, the Creative LIAisons experience is like no other. It provides connections that you can’t get anywhere else in the world and I couldn’t recommend it more highly to anyone to be a part of.