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Reflections From Creative Coaching By 2022 Coach Brian Yessian

17 January 2023


Brian's Mentees: Yashasvi Agrawal, Group Head – Art, DDB Mudra Group; Winnie Chen, Art Director, McCann, Shanghai and Joelle Annette, Founder & CEO, Soul Software, San Francisco 

Brian's Reflections:

This year was my second opportunity to be a mentor for the LIAisons coaching sessions and I was thrilled to be part of it once again. Not only did I get to converse with these wonderful up and coming future creative leaders, I also left full of inspiration with new ways of thinking. 

It always amazes me the string of emotions we go through in these sessions. From listening to laughing and from pure passion to getting very serious. Yes, of course, we focus on our careers and what we aspire to be in this industry, but we also talk about what we love in life outside of work. Our cultures. The way we connect with each other around the globe. Who we are as individuals. This year was no different as I took journeys with some really fascinating people in our industry. They all had a spark and they ALL are going to ignite in our industry.    

Yashasvi Agrawal was a creative that wants to soak in every part of this industry. She is creative and has well thought out ideas for her future in this industry (and beyond). I can’t wait to see where she goes next!  

Winnie Chen had me cracking up from the moment we started talking. Wow, she is spunky and direct. I have spent a lot of time all across China in my career, so we had an instant heart-to-heart conversation about EVERYTHING. Look out world, Winnie is coming for you.  

Joelle Annette has a passion for all things audio (hey that’s my passion too!). She is well trained in music and I could tell she has a really good ear for the business. That break into bigger parts of our industry is going to come her way, because she has some fantastic ideas and is ready to soar.

LIA is giving great opportunities to the young people in our industry and I am just happy to be part of this endeavor.