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Reflections From Creative Coaching By 2022 Mentee Erika Iffiana

19 January 2023


My Travelling Experience to Three Big Cities 

Lumos. The title that you just read is the words that I have always wished I could say to myself or anyone. And now I can. Though this was technically virtual, a travel is a travel. Before anyone disagrees, let’s take a moment to sit on it. Because if you think about it, I was there in the cities, virtually, but still there. Trust me, I know at least one person who can vouch for my visit in each city (hint: an amazing creative). Now that we’re on the same page, let’s get into it!

Part 1: Toronto, Canada
It was fortunate that my tentative starts with Ben Tarr, President of Leo Burnett Group Canada. Based on his experience being in both the creative and the business side of the industry, Ben helped me to understand the industry better, especially on what should be prioritized. And that was what I needed.

Understand the people, understand the brand, and observe the competition. Take every opportunity to learn and be curious. These are words that I understood and agreed with the moment Ben said them. But what I appreciate the most from my session with Ben is that he helped me understand that a creative is in the right place when creative works are fun and exciting for them.

Part 2: Bucharest, Romania
From the broad scope of the industry, my sessions with Roxana Nita, Creative Director at DDB Romania, were more personal, as I discussed my interests and concerns as a creative. As Roxana is actively involved in projects related to women’s rights, and I am deeply interested in initiatives on this matter, I knew I had to talk to her about it. Roxana was very generous with information on handling projects, what had to be done throughout the process and the obstacles that her team had faced. I was also reminded by Roxana that it is normal to struggle while handling creative works and it is best to not be so hard on myself. But it is important to be resilient, have passion and have fun.

Part 3: Paris, France
My travel was coming to an end, but my tentative was set on a perfect ending. After discovering more about the industry and myself, I had the opportunity to learn to develop myself as a creative from Andrea Stillacci, CEO/Founder of HEREZIE, Paris. I had multiple sessions with Andrea, in which we discussed my previous works, works that intrigued me, as well as developing potential works. Clearly, it was wonderful to have such discussions with a remarkable creative. But more than that, it was a privilege to receive Andrea’s feedback and advice on my works as I try to develop myself. 

Special thanks to LIA for this amazing opportunity as well as the knowledge and genuine connections that I have made along the way!