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Created For Creatives Episode 5 Featuring Alexander Schill of Serviceplan and Cinthia Wen of Turner Duckworth

26 January 2023



'Created For Creatives', a podcast by London International Awards, features some of the most highly esteemed and well-known names in the creative advertising industry. It was recorded live in Las Vegas during LIA's 2022 Judging. These raw and honest, no-holds barred, tell it as it is episodes, discuss and dissect work, highlight and explore trends gleaned from the 2022 submissions, as well as future directions and more. 

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Craftsmanship and its connection to the consumer was a recurring topic at LIA 2022 and in the Design and Package Design Jury it was a key-criteria as the jury considered the usability of packaging that was presented. Host Tom Eymundson sat down with Cinthia Wen, Head of Creative at Turner Duckworth in San Francisco and Alexander Schill, Global Chief Creative Officer and Partner at Serviceplan in Germany, who were both on LIA’s 2022 Design and Package Design jury. 
Cinthia and Alex shared their journey of how they ended up on their career paths, talked about the 2022 work entered, what makes great leadership, presenting ideas to clients, changes and trends they saw in Design and Package Design and what excited them in the jury room. 
Alexander Schill, says, “Empathy is the key to being a good leader. You need empathy to put together the right teams. You have to have empathy to understand the problem of the client and you have to understand the consumer.” 
Cinthia expands on this when it comes to presenting to clients and says that it’s ok when a client says no. She goes on to give advice that sometimes you have to co-create with a client; let them help build upon your team's idea to make it fit within their needs. 
Alex and Cinthia discussed their jury criteria and both agreed that usability is very important. Consumers need to understand the product and is it easy to use. Design can be beautiful and creative, but the product must be able to communicate what is contained within.
They also talked about the work in the room and they both touched upon (no pun intended) missing physical entries in Package Design as it is missing the physical touch which is helpful when judging the work. Alexander Schill states that “you have to teach young creatives to invest time and talent and passion into the craftsmanship. Investing in craftmanship makes the difference, especially in package design.”
Lastly, they talked about Design in a virtual world and the trend of content being socially responsible.
Listen to the episode for detailed insights. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Youtube.

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