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Reflections From Creative Coaching By 2022 Mentee Patrick Gaviola

26 January 2023


My Creative LIAisons Experience

Being selected as one of the 2022 Creative LIAisons mentees was an honor and a privilege. I knew I had to make the most of it and to do that, I made it my goal to learn as much as I could and prepare myself for the future of advertising as new technologies emerge around us.
I was beyond fortunate to speak to and learn from a diverse set of mentors from the advertising industry, particularly in the fields of technology, e-commerce, and creatives. 

With that, here are my top learnings from our conversations over the past five months.

Laurent Thevenet
Head of Creative Tech of Publicis Groupe APACMEA

- Do not fear the integration of artificial intelligence, instead embrace it as another tool to further develop our creative capabilities. 
-  There’s no need to lose your job over to AI. Because if you can hone and master it first, it’s an asset. At the end of the day, it’s all about adapting to change.
- AI can help you visualize ideas and create stories more than ever with the help of Dall-E2, Midjourney, and Bust Write.
- There’s still so much to learn about AI in terms of its ownership and copyright. It’s a brand-new category on its own.
- Metaverse, Web 3.0, blockchain and gaming will be part of our daily lives once the 5G technology is fully integrated globally.
- The future is now and it’s exciting.

John Mescall
Global Executive Creative Director of McCann Worldgroup

- When thinking of an idea, it’s important to have a fixed vision of what it will do to society. Think of the preferred impact that you want to happen, and it will lead the way you think.
- Bringing impact through our ideas starts by finding the right people to work with. The same can be said in bringing our ideas to life.
- To be a better creative in the future, start learning and searching for award-winning work in new categories such as engagement, experience, entertainment, good, and strategy as clients are more data-driven than ever.
- Aside from an acknowledgment of great work, winning an award also brings opportunities that could elevate your earnings and standard of living. It also shows that you take your job seriously.
- Make it a goal to bring change in the advertising industry and influence others to veer away from the brand category cliches and do more impactful, creative work that would put the Philippines on the map and change the lives of people.

Gosia Rzymska-Rakowska
Head of eCommerce of Publicis Groupe SEA

- To maximize eComm platforms, brands should start having eCommerce-focused marketing campaigns instead of treating it as part of a digital campaign or a by-the-way.
- There’s an opportunity in the Philippine market to veer away from jingle-driven campaigns and reach out to eComm platform users in a more human way, just like how Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand do. 
- There’s an opportunity for eComm platforms to focus more on becoming sustainable companies by reusing their packaging trash.
- The SEA region is the most diverse market in the world.
- Always keep in touch with your colleagues and mentors even after they have left. They might surprise you with an opportunity in the future.
Even though our sessions have ended, my mentors are still open to more one-on-one sessions in the future, something I appreciate and am grateful for. I hope to meet them all in person soon.

My LIAisons experience was an insightful journey about our industry and its future. Thank you, LIA.