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Created For Creatives Episode 6 Featuring Fede Garcia, Global CCO, BCW and Lauren Haberfield, ECD, Edelman Paris

02 February 2023


'Created For Creatives', a podcast by London International Awards, features some of the most highly esteemed and well-known names in the creative advertising industry. It was recorded live in Las Vegas during LIA's 2022 Judging. These raw and honest, no-holds barred, tell it as it is episodes, discuss and dissect work, highlight and explore trends gleaned from the 2022 submissions, as well as future directions and more. 

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'The role of Public Relations is to make a story as interesting as possible to the audience and to push, or 'explode' into mainstream media," as guest Fede Garcia puts it.
With previous experience in advertising, our two guests from the inaugural Creativity in PR Jury articulate their different approaches between creating an advertising campaign and developing a PR event.
Lauren Haberfield, Executive Creative Director at Edelman in Paris and Fede Garcia, the Global Chief Creative Officer at BCW explained to host Ralph van Dijk, that a good PR campaign centers around crafting a story or a conversation that connects and directly impacts the audience and the culture. It should move people. Fede went on to say that in PR it is one’s job to find an angle where people care.
Lauren and Fede dove into the difference between advertising and PR, and discussed how those roles blend. 
They also talked about powerful work they saw within the PR category at LIA 2022 judging and shared general advice to people entering, one being stop doing things just to win awards. Fede goes on to say, “If you really have an idea that can change the world for the better, save lives, and help people, then you are already a super hero.” Lauren in agreement with Fede says, “There’s an explosion of wanting to create noise, but that it is not directed.” She then explains that Edelman is about the purpose of the conversation, awareness building, what means/ends is the conversation going to, taking action and about what they are trying to generate from the conversation. Not just making noise for the sake of noise. Fede expands on this saying that in the ad world you try to make ideas that capture the headlines and from a PR point why and what kind of conversation do you want to have and sustain. Did the idea go somewhere? 
Lauren and Fede discuss what is different judging LIA versus other shows. Lauren says, “This is the first time that Creativity in PR has been a category at LIA and that my jury is setting the tone for the category and what we want this award to mean for the future, which I have not experienced at other festivals.”
Fede says, "LIA is a more relaxed environment with less politics. Jurors are more open because of the socializing outside of the jury rooms, which disarms people, so that there is a real sharing of opinions in and out of jury room, which makes it a great learning experience.”

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