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3 Days Left to Final Entry Deadline: 31st August 2023

29 August 2023

3 Days Left to LIA Final Entry Deadline:
Thursday 31st August

All Entries Must Be Finalized By This Date





Work submitted must be first published and/or broadcast in a commercial environment with client approval from 1st July 2022 through 31st August 2023.


No Late Fees. Ever.
No upload fees.

Choosing Categories
When choosing categories and sub-categories, be sure to read the competition description.  Keep in mind that different juries view work through different lenses and consider different factors when judging.  When submitting the same case film across multiple categories, consider tailoring your Written Description to the category you are entering.
Campaign or Single
When you have a campaign with multiple executions, you can choose to submit the work as a campaign, as a single or both.  When entering individual executions as a single entry, this entry is being judged based on its own merit. 
The juries tend to judge a campaign on its weakest element, instead of the strongest.  If a campaign consists of four elements, and three are very strong, there is a good chance that it will not score as high as the entrant had hoped because of what the jury perceives as a weak link.   If some elements are much stronger than others, entrants should consider entering them individually as singles rather than as one whole unit.
Creative Credits 
When inputting your creative credits, be sure to include all companies (with cities where applicable). The creative credits that you input at the time of entry are what is used to calculate totals for ‘Of The Year’ awards.

All Judging is Done On-Site With All Jurors Present
Every juror on every judging panel sees every piece of work within every category of their competitions at the same time. There is no pre-judging or division of the work amongst the jury.  
LIA does not allow any juror to vote on their own work or work from their office in any round.
No Quotas For Jury Decisions 
The jury determines all winners for Grand LIA, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Finalists. Every juror is aware of all winners when judging has completed.
Complete Transparency 
LIA is the only global award show that allows the press, global excellence teams and young creatives full access into the jury rooms for observation during judging, including the statue discussions, allowing for full transparency.