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London International Awards Announces Winners and Finalists from Final Round of Judging in Las Vegas

17 October 2023


Live from Las Vegas, London International Awards (LIA), is announcing the results as LIA 2023 Judging has concluded. As the jurors have returned to their respective offices around the globe, the last remaining categories are now being announced. These categories include Creativity in Business-to-Business, Creativity in PR, Integration, Radio & Audio, Production & Post-Production and Music Videos. Continue scrolling for more details on the statues, Grand LIA, and Jury President comments!

Creativity in Business-to-Business awards Grand LIA in the inaugural year of newest LIA competition

The brand-new Creativity in Business-to-Business category celebrates world-class creative work in the business-to-business sector. Recognizing that business decision makers in companies are people, the category rewards creatively engaging ideas that market products and services to businesses. The inaugural Creativity in Business-to-Business jury, helmed by Eka Ruola, Chief Creative Officer of Nitro Group, awarded a total of 22 Statues.

After carefully evaluating every submission, the jury awarded a Grand LIA, five Gold, five Silver, and 11 Bronze Statues, alongside five Finalists.
SERVICEPLAN Germany won the inaugural Grand LIA in this category for their exceptional campaign, “AIZOME WASTECARE™ Industrial Waste - Certified As Skincare.”

Jury President Eka Ruola speaks on the Grand LIA for Creativity in Business-to-Business

Reflecting on the work that emerged in the new Creativity in Business-to-Business category, Jury President Eka Ruola shared, “B-to-B doesn't mean boring-to-boring. The work we have awarded is a great example of creativity rushing into B-to-B arena. The Grand LIA for AIZOME WASTECARE™ was shoulders above the rest. It got Gold in B2B Design and Craft. It's a beautiful piece. They have an amazing story to share with the audience.”

Creativity in PR awards two Grand LIAs for excellent work  

Creativity in PR celebrates work rooted in creative thinking, influencing opinions, and cultural relevance. The focus is on reputation management across the PR spectrum, with a clear demonstration of positive reinforcement and goodwill for brands. The jury, led by Judy John, Global Chief Creative Officer of Edelman, is pleased to celebrate the most outstanding work in their category with a total of 58 Statues.
Following the extensive onsite judging process, the two Grand LIAs, 14 Gold, 18 Silver, and 24 Bronze Statues, alongside 14 Finalists were awarded.
The coveted Grand LIA was awarded to McCann Poland for their incredible work titled “Where To Settle”, executed for Mastercard. This piece of work was also awarded the Creative Use of Data Grand LIA, four Gold, a Silver and a Bronze by four different juries.

The Creativity In PR - Public Service/Charity/NGO Grand LIA was awarded to Publicis Conseil, Paris for Solar Impulse titled “Prêt à voter”. “Prêt à voter” was also awarded the Non-Traditional

Public Service/Charity/NGO Grand LIA in addition to five Gold, five Silver and a Bronze Statue in four different categories.

Jury President Judy John discusses 
Creativity in PR Grand LIAs

"When we were voting for the Grand LIA for the NGO, we unanimously voted for Pret a voter. It was so far ahead of the others that it won the vote for Grand LIA for NGO. It was brilliant!" Judy John, remarked. She went on to say, "There was a lot of discussion for the Grand LIA for Creativity in PR. The reason why we picked MasterCard is the sustainability of that idea and the transformative nature of a company like MasterCard coming out and creating utility for people coming to Poland."

Integration Jury awards Grand LIA to outstanding campaign along with 24 Statues 

Integration showcases creative ideas that brilliantly work across a minimum of three or more channels or platforms cohesively. Presiding over the Integration jury is Chaka Sobhani, the Global Chief Creative Officer of Leo Burnett Worldwide. Sobhani and her esteemed panel are proud to award a total of 25 Statues in this category.

Celebrating the very best in the category, the jury awarded a Grand LIA, four Gold, nine  Silver, and 11 Bronze Statues, alongside commending four Finalists.

The coveted Integration Grand LIA was awarded to AIRBAG for their outstanding campaign, "FitChix" tailored for Honest Eggs Co. This piece of work was honored with 23 LIA Statues by seven different juries, including two Grand LIA Statues. VMLY&R Melbourne was awarded five Statues for "FitChix" including the Ambient & Activation Grand LIA.

Jury President Chaka Sobhani speaks on the Grand LIA for Integration

Sharing her perspective on the best work in Integration, Global CCO of Leo Burnett Worldwide Sobhani expressed, “Our resounding  Grand LIA winner is the brilliantly fresh and original “FitChix”. So simple, so brilliant, absolutely breathtaking."

Radio & Audio winners determined in Las Vegas  

Celebrating the power of sound, the Radio & Audio category recognizes audio-centric content that engages listeners and stimulates their imagination on behalf of a brand. This year, the jury, headed by Oriel Davis-Lyons, Chief Creative Officer of Mother New York, awarded 30 Statues.

After vibrant discussions and rigorous deliberation, the jury is pleased to award seven Gold, 12 Silver, and 11 Bronze Statues, in addition to commending 11 Finalists.

Jury President Oriel Davis-Lyons speaks on the Radio winners

Oriel shared his perspective on the remarkable work: “We felt very good about the Golds we had given out but for something to be elevated to become a Grand LIA, it has to really jump out. And collectively, we couldn't say that there was something that jumped out from the others.”




Production & Post Production and Music Video Jury awards Grand LIA, statues and finalists 

The Production & Post-Production category endorses and celebrates world-class production values and executions of craft. The jury, helmed by Jury President Vera Maria Portz, Partner/MD/Executive Producer of Tempomedia Filmproduction, is honored to announce that 54 Statues were awarded in this category.
After three rounds of extensive evaluation, the jury rewarded outstanding work with a Grand LIA, 16 Gold, 16 Silver, and 21 Bronze Statues, as well as 13 Finalists. This year’s highly coveted Grand LIA was awarded to Havas London for their beautifully crafted campaign, “Me, My Autism & I", designed for Vanish x Ambitious About Autism.
In the Music Video category, we honor films that feature a musical performance, for the purpose of promoting a song, artist or brand. Jury President Vera Maria Portz  and her jury awarded 14 Statues in the Music Video category, including one Gold, five Silver, and eight Bronze Statues, in addition to recognizing six Finalists.

Jury President Vera Maria Portz discusses the work awarded in Production & Post-Production and Music Videos

Portz provided her perspective on the winners, expressing, "Overall, we had really good work. For the Grand LIA, everyone in the jury voted for this film because it was emotionally so strong but at the same time it was crafted so well that you could just feel how important it is to talk about a disease about social pressure, family pressure. So, we voted for "Me, My Autism and I" to receive a Grand LIA.