2013 Attendees

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Oliver Rimoldi

London, United Kingdom


60 creatives flown from around the world to the desert of sin...who knows what could happen? And thankfully only those who were there ever will. Aside from the truly engaging talks and the privilege of witnessing the judges deliberate, it was getting the chance to spend a week with like-minded creatives from around the world which was truly inspiring. It's amazing how close you can get with a group of people in such a short time. Bonding over sheep-lined robes, fabled midget wrestlers, Sex&Squirt hangovers, David Guetta sponsorships, gonad-less vagabonds, intoxicated nuptials and omelettes, you quickly came to realise that although we're from such different places we all want the same thing from our lives and our work - just to have a bloody good time! What a blast! Thank you LIA. What happened in Vegas will stay in Vegas.

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