Judging at SLS Las Vegas 1st - 10th October

Creative LIAisons 6th - 10th October

2015 Shortlist Will Be Announced
As Each Jury Concludes Deliberations

Winners Announced 10th November

Judging LIA

       On judging LIA 2014, Warren Brown, Creative Founder of BMF had this to say: 
" Holding the LIA judging in Las Vegas is something quite unique. 
Unlike the corporate feel of other shows this one
allows the juries to relax, intermingle and swap
stories and ideas in an environment that essentially
doesn't have a handbrake. The TV/Cinema/Online
Film Jury embraced this atmosphere, no one was
afraid to speak up, there were no agendas and
like me all they wanted to see was the best work
getting its due recognition.
Also having young creatives experience the judging first
       hand so they can see and hear for themselves the passion jury members have for great work is a great  innovation and  
       adds to the integrity of the awards.
       One observation was there were fewer mega budget block busters in traditional film compared to past shows and
       more well crafted films of stunts but really the jury focussed on the the important stuff, a brilliant idea or story that
       was equally brilliant in execution. The judging was more like a filtering process that through multiple viewings allowed
       the good work to get stronger and the weaker stuff to dry up and blow away into the Nevada desert.
       The work that made the shortlist was exceptional, to get metal the film had to be outstanding. The international make-up
       of the jury brought a ton of experience to the judging and as a jury LIA couldn't have wished for a better group.
       Well done them and well done to the winners who have truly raised the bar for all of us."

2015 Jury Presidents

Mark Tutssel
Global Chief Creative Officer
Leo Burnett Worldwide
Amir Kassaei
Worldwide CCO
DDB Worldwide
Print • Poster • Billboard
Matt Eastwood
Worldwide CCO
J. Walter Thompson
TV/Cinema/Online Film
John Mescall
Global ECD
McCann Worldgroup
John Merrifield
Chief Creative Officer
Google Asia-Pacific
Ronald Ng
Chief Creative Officer, NA

Music Video and
Production & Post-Production
Lizie Gower
Managing Director / Founder
Academy Films
Branded Entertainment
Jesse Coulter
Chief Creative Officer
Samsung USA
Design and Package Design
Brian Collins
Chief Creative Officer / Co-Founder
Radio & Audio
Tom Eymundson
Pirate Group
TV/Cinema/Online Film -
Music & Sound
Rani Vaz
SVP / Director Music
BBDO New York


Four years ago, LIA decided that one of the best ways to give back to the industry was to create a mentoring programme fully funded by LIA called "Creative Conversations." We have since renamed "Creative Conversations" to be called Creative LIAisons. This programme runs concurrently with the LIA Judging.

For LIA, it wasn't enough just to honour the best work globally; we wanted to help build a new generation of young creatives who would bring creativity to the next level. That was the beginning. Now this programme has become one of the most respected and sought after educational initiatives in the industry.

For those of you that have been fortunate enough to participate in this programme of seminars and have had the exclusive privilege of sitting-in on statue discussions don't squander this opportunity. Creative LIAisons is the only place you have access to what goes on inside the judging rooms.

Share with your colleagues and with your friends in the industry. Tell them what goes on in the LIA Judging rooms during statue discussions. How once every judge has reviewed every piece of work in the media they are judging and culled it down to the cream of the crop, the real intensive discussions begin. Mediocre work has no place to hide.

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