2015 Jury Presidents

Mark Tutssel
Global Chief Creative Officer
Leo Burnett Worldwide
Amir Kassaei
Worldwide CCO
DDB Worldwide
Print • Poster • Billboard
Matt Eastwood
Worldwide Chief Creative Officer
J. Walter Thompson
TV/Cinema/Online Film
John Mescall
Global Executive Creative Director
McCann Worldwide
John Merrifield
Chief Creative Officer, Asia-Pacific
Ronald Ng
Chief Creative Officer, North America

Music Video and
Production & Post-Production
Lizie Gower
Managing Director/Founder
Academy Films
Branded Entertainment
Jesse Coulter
Co-Chief Creative Officer - Marketing
Creative Artists Agency
Design and Package Design
Brian Collins
Founder/Chief Creative Officer
Radio & Audio
Tom Eymundson
Pirate Group
TV/Cinema/Online Film -
Music & Sound
Rani Vaz
SVP / Director Music & Radio
BBDO New York

Enter LIA


•    Entry Deadline: 5th June for work released from 1st July 2014 through 31st July 2015
•    Judging:  1st October - 10th October  
•    Shortlist Announced: As Each Judging Session Concludes
•    Winners Announced: 10th November


All companies and/or individuals involved in the creative process are eligible to enter.

As a piece of work is a collaborative effort, potentially created by more than one company, LIA allows multiple Entrants.
  (see Rules of Entry)


Work submitted must be broadcast, published or released in a commercial environment with client approval between
1st July 2014 and 31st July 2015.

•    Work submitted including work into the Craft Categories (i.e. Art Direction, Illustration, etc.) must be in the exact form it was broadcast, published or released with all the logos, trademarks and copy marks intact, regardless of category or medium.

•    Work must not be altered for submission purposes.

Judging LIA

       On judging LIA 2014, Warren Brown, Creative Founder of BMF had this to say: 
" Holding the LIA judging in Las Vegas is something quite unique. 
Unlike the corporate feel of other shows this one
allows the juries to relax, intermingle and swap
stories and ideas in an environment that essentially
doesn't have a handbrake. The TV/Cinema/Online
Film Jury embraced this atmosphere, no one was
afraid to speak up, there were no agendas and
like me all they wanted to see was the best work
getting its due recognition.
Also having young creatives experience the judging first
       hand so they can see and hear for themselves the passion jury members have for great work is a great  innovation and  
       adds to the integrity of the awards.
       One observation was there were fewer mega budget block busters in traditional film compared to past shows and
       more well crafted films of stunts but really the jury focussed on the the important stuff, a brilliant idea or story that
       was equally brilliant in execution. The judging was more like a filtering process that through multiple viewings allowed
       the good work to get stronger and the weaker stuff to dry up and blow away into the Nevada desert.
       The work that made the shortlist was exceptional, to get metal the film had to be outstanding. The international make-up
       of the jury brought a ton of experience to the judging and as a jury LIA couldn't have wished for a better group.
       Well done them and well done to the winners who have truly raised the bar for all of us."
2014 Of The Year Awards
  • Network of the Year
  • Agency of the Year
  • Independent Agency
    of the Year
  • Post-Production Company
    of the Year
  • Production Company
    of the Year
  • Radio & Audio Company
    of the Year

Creative LIAisons
Who Grows the Growers?

written by Scott Elias

There are industries where growth is a matter of life and death. Where it is measured, moment-by-moment, like yards to the goal. Places where people’s jobs and whole companies depend on it for sustenance and survival.

Welcome to advertising: where agencies are hired because they can produce growth and fired when they don’t. Agencies are even dismissed if and when an advertiser finds another group that can deliver faster, bigger or more enduring growth. An agency winning a new client can mean hundreds of new hires. Equally, a loss can evaporate the same.

In advertising, everyone’s creativity is directed to ‘Growth’. The minions of creative include art directors, copywriters, planners, account managers and media buyers. All of these people know creativity is the heart: The heart of growth; The heart of emotional impact; And the heart of great advertising.

Each year, the Award shows recognize prodigious achievement and the talents responsible, so that all can find them. Even the biggest networks like WPP, Omnicom and Publicis vie for awards so they can say, "We are Winners, worthy of being awarded your account."

And yet, in this growth obsessed industry: Who is growing the growers? 

Years ago, before the agency business model was under attack and agencies were flush with cash, the better agencies had training programs for ‘young creatives’. A few still do, though they are ghosts of their former selves.

An unlikely group saw this gap as a fissure, striking through the heart of all that makes growth possible: creativity, experience, wisdom and willingness to share.  Thus, LIA’s Creative LIAisons program was born, where approximately 80 of the world’s hottest Young Creatives can grow in their craft. This chosen group was hand-picked  by some of the industry’s established ‘Masters’ - men and women who lead the world’s most prominent and awarded agencies and are generously brought to Las Vegas for an experience fully-funded by LIA.

For one week in October, these Young Creatives are treated to hands-on learning, sharing and growth lessons that are, in effect, intimate conversations - experiences that lead to important relationships where all join a global creative community committed to the practice and evolution of this exceptional craft. How to Grow your product, your brand, your company.

What’s more, these attendees have an array of ideas and previously unavailable tools at their ready.

In 2015, they will be engaged by the uber-successful, notoriously honest, self-deprecating and invariably entertaining Daymond John. The 'Shark' Daymond will present powerful lessons for business growth in an age driven by networked entertainment. From the inception of this program in 2012, some of the industry’s leading change agents include: Mark Tutssel of Leo Burnett; Amir Kassaei of DDB; John Merrifield of Google Asia; Scott Elias formerly of Elias Arts - Music Taught me Marketing; Ralph van Dijk of Eardrum Australia; John Mescall of McCann Worldwide; Nick Law of R/GA; and Matt Eastwood of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, etc., etc., etc...

So who runs this exceptional event? LIA's Creative LIAisons is the brainchild of founder/owner Barbara Levy - an unabashed iconoclast and irreverent business whiz. The event is seamlessly orchestrated by her and her merry band of caring, committed, hard-working, ‘good’ people. Yes, good people.

In an era when most Award events have become schmooze fests for agencies and clients to meet outside the office, there’s something real, powerful and important happening in the Nevada desert. "Hitting it big" just may mean a trip to Vegas for the LIA Judging sessions as a Jury President or a Juror.  Or, if you’re really fortunate (and very talented), you may just snag a place as an atteendee for Creative LIAisons which runs concurrently with the LIA Judging sessions.

Good luck! In case you were wondering about today’s Mad Men and Women, now you know who’s Growing the Growers. 

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