2017 Winners and Finalists Announced

“It’s an honor to win a LIA. It’s confirmation that you’ve done some of the best work in the industry. That feeling, that accomplishment, doesn’t get old,” states Toygar Bazarkaya.

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  • Integration Jury

  • TV/Cinema/Online Film Jury

  • Khai Meng, Mark Tutssel and Bob Isherwood

  • Design/Package Design/Verbal Identity Jury

  • Print Jury - Selfie - Day 1

  • Digital Jury

  • Print Judging in full swing

  • Production & Post-Production and Music Video Jury

  • Radio Jury

  • Carles Puig, Jeremy Perrott (Jury President), Alison McConnell, R. John Fidelino & Phil Brown - Pharmaceutical Jurors

  • Health & Pharmaceuticals Craft Jury

  • Eugene Cheong, Susan Hosking, Masaya Maruta & Fernando Sosa - Print/Poster/Billboard/Ambient Jurors

  • Eka Ruola and Florian Marquardt - Print/Poster/Billboard/Ambient Jurors

  • Jury Dinner at Andrea's at The Encore

  • Peter Ignazi, Larissa Kirschner (Jury President) & Tom Eymundson - Radio & Audio Jurors

  • Chris Smith and Ralph van Dijk - Radio Jurors

  • Valerie Madon - The NEW and Social Influencers Juror

2017 Global Of The Year Awards
  • Network of the Year
  • Health & Pharma Network
    of the Year
  • Agency of the year
  • Production Company of the Year
  • Health & Wellness Agency
    of the Year
  • Pharmaceutical Agency
    of the Year
  • Post-Production Company
    of the Year
  • Music & Sound Company of the Year

2017 Jury Presidents

Branded Entertainment
David Kolbusz
Chief Creative Officer
Design | Package Design | Verbal Identity
Bobby C. Martin Jr.
Founding Partner
OCD | The Original Champions of Design
Per Pedersen
Chairman of Global Creative Council
Grey Global
Health & Pharma
Jeremy Perrott
Global Chief Creative Officer
McCann Health
Tham Khai Meng
Worldwide Co-Chairman & Chief Creative Officer
Ogilvy & Mather
Music & Sound
Abi Leland
Company Director
Leland Music

Mark Tutssel
Global Chief Creative Officer
Leo Burnett Worldwide
Creative Chairman
Publicis Communications
Production & Post-Production and Music Video
Michael Ritchie
Managing Director /
Executive Producer
Revolver/Will O'Rourke
Print | Poster | Billboard | Ambient
David Guerrero
Creative Chairman
BBDO Guerrero
Radio & Audio
Larissa Kirschner
V.P. / Creative Director / Writer
Publicis New York
The NEW and Social Influencers
Amber Finlay
Senior Director,
Global Brand Communications
TV/Cinema/Online Film
Toygar Bazarkaya
Chief Creative Officer
We Are Unlimited



Rosie Yakob, co-founder of GeniusSteals, hosted a candid talk with female leaders about the “Woman’s Journey” in advertising during London International Awards’ Creative LIAsons 2017.

Yakob moderated a lively discussion between Merlee Jayme, chief creative officer of Dentsu Jayme Syfu, Susan Credle, global chief creative officer of FCB, Karen Howe, founder of The Township, and Laura Gregory, founder of Great Guns, who shared their personal journeys up the ranks of a male-dominated industry. Their stories gave attendees tips on everything from balancing family and careers to how to sell ideas and ask for a raise.

        Creative LIAisons 2017

Ninety young agency professionals from around the globe attended the London International Awards’ educational program Creative LIAisons this year. Three days of inspirational and informative talks from industry leaders and jury presidents were capped by a rare behind-the-scenes look inside the jury rooms on their fourth and final day in Las Vegas. Attendees observed the juries debate the final statues, their last lesson about creative excellence and judging work in Las Vegas. 

 Sponsored by 

LIA Chinese Creativity Show

Part of LIA Global

This is the first global awards show that integrates creativity conceived, written and produced solely in the Chinese language as part of its global awards program. The final round of judging will take place in Las Vegas at the same time as the LIA Global Judging.

While it carries with it the coveted London International Awards name, as well as the same LIA Statue curated in a red color for the Chinese language market, this show only accepts work in Chinese from anywhere in the world.

Statue winners might even achieve winning a Grand LIA. Only one Grand LIA may be awarded at the discretion of the jury. Winners of the Chinese Creativity Show, also have the potential to win Global Of the Year Awards and/or Regional Of the Year Awards. Of the Year Awards are calculated based on a point system allocated to Statue and Finalist wins. Winners and Finalists will also be given points in the prestigious LIA global ranking whether they are part of a global network or a local company.

All entries must be submitted in Chinese. The jury panel is comprised of top Chinese speaking judges from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia who truly appreciate the cultural perspective and nuance of the language. This jury ensures that ideas and meaning will not be lost in translation. As this show hopes to inspire and boost even greater Chinese creativity.

First Round Judging: September 1-3
Nanjing City, China

Final Judging: October 3-5 Encore, Las Vegas to run concurrently with LIA Global Judging

Encore- Las Vegas

Awards Gala: November 25 in Beijing




How an off-the-cuff bet turned LIA into the world's most exclusive - and inclusive - creative awards

“The question we get asked the most often is, ‘so if you’re the London International Awards, why do you hold it in Las Vegas’?”

It’s a bit of a head scratcher for many people, to be fair.

In 2009, London International Awards Founder and President, Barbara Levy decided headed to Sin City, landing at the opulent Wynn/Encore hotel.

But, why Las Vegas?

Barbara and Jeremy

Well, the truth is, you’ll have to ask Innocean’s Global CCO, Jeremy Craigen. In 2008, he met Barbara in Singapore while judging the World Press Awards. At dinner, Jeremy was having a conversation with Neil French about the numerous award shows he’d been asked to judge. He’d turned down numerous shows, one of which was LIA, summed up in one word from Jeremy as ‘shit’. At that point, Neil said to Jeremy, “Why don’t you just tell that to Barbara directly? She’s sitting across from you.” And of course, Jeremy did just that.

“I did say that…” admits Jeremy. “I had had a few Singapore slings by that point.”

Barbara adds that the group then moved over to the bar at Raffles Hotel, where she and Jeremy started what has become a long-term friendship. Jeremy once again told Barbara how he felt about LIA, describing it with an equally flattering ‘crappy’. Unperturbed, Barbara told him it was her ambition to elevate LIA to a top-tier show and that she had her eye on Jeremy as the first Jury President for the two separate competitions of Print and Outdoor.

Jeremy made a flippant remark ... “I’ll do it if you hold it in Vegas.”

Never one to back down from a challenge, Barbara flew straight to Nevada with the LIA team. We literally went from hotel to hotel, and we wound up at the Wynn. Barbara then got on the phone with Jeremy and said, ‘mark these dates on your calendar’. His reply, ‘I told you already, I’m not judging your stupid show.’ Barbara responded without hesitation, ‘you said you would judge in Las Vegas.’

“She is amazing,” marvels Jeremy. “She phoned me up a week later – she’d flown out to Las Vegas and been to the Wynn. She said, ‘I’ve booked it, are you coming?’ And I had to stay true to my word!” No other show would do that.

Barbara said that LIA was planning on going to Vegas for just one year and then returning back to its old format. However, “Jeremy and the inaugural Las Vegas Jury Panel were so impressed with the Vegas set-up that they demanded we stay.”

After a few years judging in Las Vegas, LIA decided to discontinue the Awards Ceremony in London. With the approval of the Worldwide CCOs. LIA decided to take the money spent on the Show and fly over 80 young creatives from around the world for an educational initiative. An idea that brought about the birth of Creative LIAisons.

“How amazing is that?” says Jeremy. The program was so successful that the Global CCOs all had the idea to let the attendees sit in on the statue discussions, which the attendees think is the best thing. “And it is. Because you realize that we’re not just creative people who just want to have a laugh. We are absolutely torturing each piece of work.”

So, that’s how a spontaneous quip changed the landscape of LIA – and radically overhauled the brand. And that sense of spontaneity seeps into everything LIA does.

“A lot has changed. But some things, like honoring the work and the people that create it, hasn’t,” says Barbara. “Oh… and by the way, we never got rid of Jeremy.”



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