The value attendees get out of Creative LIAisons is significant. The fact that they're really able to identify with the people that are speaking speaks volumes for the opportunity that they get when they come here.

- Matt Eastwood

2018 Educational Initiative For Young Talent

3rd October through 6th October

Creative LIAisons is an annual program limited to 100 attendees from around the globe. LIAisons has become one of the most sought after programs in the industry.

As a way of giving back, London International Awards (LIA) provides air transportation and hotel accommodations to those that attend. The companies that send attendees do not incur any costs. LIA does not directly choose the attendees. Seats are allocated to companies and networks that support LIA through entries and media outlets that organize creative competitions around the world.

Creative LIAisons runs concurrently with LIA judging, providing exclusive access to all of LIA's jury members. This is the perfect opportunity for the attendees to mingle and have one-on-one discussions with the top creative talent in advertising, design, digital, production and technology.  LIA holds a party for jurors, speakers, media and the Creative LIAisons attendees. It is an informal event that allows the juniors to have unfettered access to the leaders of the industry.

The program consists of networking, seminars and the privilege to sit in on statue deliberations. Access to the judging room from the beginning of statue discussions through to the final metal decisions is an experience no other award show offers. Not only does it provide insight as to what is an award winning piece of work, but provides a guide as to what sets apart great creative. This has been described by many of the Creative LIAisons' alumni as priceless.

Speaker Seminars

Wednesday 3rd October
Thursday 4th October

Susan Credle, FCB

Matt Eastwood, JWT

Tom Eymundson, Pirate

Amir Kassaei, DDB

Jill Kershaw, Sound and Fury

Pum Lefebure, Design Army

Matt MacDonald, BBDO

Per Pedersen, Grey

Malcolm Poynton, Cheil

Maddie Raedts, IMA

Ralph van Dijk, Eardrum


Statue Discussions

Friday 5th October




Print | Poster | Billboard | Ambient | Verbal Identity

Gorilla Doctors
Competition Judging

Saturday 6th October

Judged by Creative LIAisons Attendees, along with:

Mike Cranfield, Gorilla Doctors

Lara Logan, 60 Minutes Correspondent

Jeremy Craigen

Anna Fawcett

Bob Isherwood

Mark Tutssel

Marcia Goddard

Celebrating and investing
in creativity