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New Competition Creativity In The Metaverse The future of The Metaverse is being written, and re-written as we speak. This new category celebrates how brands and businesses create opportunities for people’s real world physical selves to interact and immerse themselves in the digital world of Web3.0.  These could be in the form of real time brand or customer experiences and interactions, new brand pathways, the creation of communities and links to commerce – generating results. For example media attention, sales, brand and business growth. Jurors will give extra consideration to scaled programs that create lasting infrastructure, promoting a deeper and ongoing Metaverse engagement between people and the brand or business versus a one-off campaign. We welcome entries from all industries including FMCG, CPG, fashion, sports, automotive, health & pharma, tech, entertainment, leisure, arts, media and finance.
New Competition Creativity In PR  This newly added category will celebrate work with creative thinking at its core. Work that has driven and influenced opinion. Work that is culturally relevant and focuses on reputation management with the objective of increasing positive reinforcement and good will for the brand across all sectors of the PR spectrum.
Health & Wellness Public Service/Social Welfare Grand LIA  Introducing a Grand LIA for 2022 to be awarded by the Health & Wellness jury from all the Gold Winners in the sub-category of Public Service/Social Responsibility.   Find Out More
Pharma & Medical Social Responsibility/Awareness Grand LIA  Introducing a Grand LIA for 2022 to be awarded by the Pharma & Medical jury from all the Gold Winners in the sub-category of Social Responsibility/Awareness.   Find Out More

In-House Companies  Now eligible to be awarded a Global and/or Regional Of The Year Award. Of The Year Awards are calculated based on a point system allocated to the winning work chosen by the Juries across all competitions. LIA uses the creative credits that are input at time of entry to award those points regardless of the Entering Company.
Enter LIA 2022



Entry System Open

Final Entry Deadline: Friday 2nd September

Eligibility: Must be broadcast, published or released in a commercial environment with client approval from 1st July 2021 through 31st August 2022

Judging Las Vegas: 29th September through 7th October
Winners Announced: 8th November 2022

Creativity is the most valuable asset in our business today. You can’t teach creativity, but you can coach talent. Coaching is the ability to take a talent to a place they can’t take themselves. To see in people what they can’t see in themselves.

LIA has created a virtual coaching and networking program to develop, educate, inspire and grow young creative talent.
We are offering a virtual coaching experience to create personal connections through direct one-to-one interaction that on a global level has never been offered anywhere else in the industry until we incorporated this into Creative LIAisons for the first time in 2021. Each session is designed to develop and grow young talent, coaching them to their full potential. This program will allow young creatives, up to age 30, to tap into the minds, expertise and experiences of respected industry luminaries.
Their interaction is with not just one, but three top creative people from around the world. These personal e-coaching sessions, of an hour each, with three different established industry leaders are private and bespoke. They will cover all disciplines with emphasis on skill development, how to hone skills, elevate ideas and boost creative confidence to fast track creative careers. No other mentoring program even comes close to empowering young talent with key and new skills for a purpose-driven future.
This game-changing training academy is a powerful springboard for the current and next generation of talent, allowing them to learn from some of the most experienced people working in our industry and related industries. The opportunity to have one-to-one coaching sessions with some of the finest creative minds is a golden opportunity for young creatives working in this business. In addition to being one-to-one with some of the world’s most respected industry leaders, mentees also have the unique privilege to virtually observe LIA statue discussions in real-time this October. 
"You have the thing. Keep at it." Those were the words that were spoken by Thomas Edison to Henry Ford that inspired Ford to build automobiles. It had always been a dream of Henry Ford to meet Thomas Edison. During an event, Edison had a conversation with Ford about the Quadricycle, the first automobile that Ford had designed. Henry Ford had singled out that meeting with Edison as an important inspiration for his career.
Creative LIAisons is ready to welcome a select group of attendees to Las Vegas simultaneously with LIA judging, where there will be ample opportunities to meet, mingle and learn from top creatives, LIA jurors and each other. With travel restrictions still in place for many countries globally, Creative LIAisons will welcome approximately 50 attendees from North America.
LIAisons features seminars, panel discussions and interactive workshops. As Creative LIAisons runs concurrently with LIA on-site judging, attendees have the unique opportunity to have conversations with many of the jurors and the onsite speakers. LIA is the only show that allows attendees unlimited access to the jury and the invaluable experience to sit in on statue discussions as they occur in real-time.
Conversations, as we have seen, can move ideas and careers forward.

2022 Creative LIAisons Programs

Virtual Coaching Sessions: May through November
Virtual Speaker Sessions: To Be Announced
Virtual Statue Discussions:  6th and 7th October
On-Site Program: 1st through 3rd October




LIA Chinese Creativity Show

The global benchmark for Chinese creativity

LIA Chinese Creativity is the only global Award Show that celebrates the very best of Chinese-language creativity.
Established by London International Awards, LIA Chinese Creativity expands our legacy to recognize world-class advertising ideas conceived, written, produced and released into the marketplace in one of the world’s most prominent languages - Chinese.
With a high-caliber panel of the world’s top Chinese-speaking creatives, all entries will be judged to the same international standards as the LIA global show. Winners will be awarded a coveted Red Statue—the same iconic statue as the LIA Global Statue, coated in brilliant red with a Gold, Silver or Bronze base.
What’s more, LIA Chinese Creativity winners are also included in Campaign Brief Asia’s Creative Rankings.
So winning at LIA Chinese Creativity puts you among the creative elite. It means you've created game-changing work and moved the creative needle.
The competition is open to anyone from any country with work that was originally created and launched in Chinese. With this in mind, all work must be entered in its original format. No English-translated ads allowed.


Entry System Now Open With A 25% Discount

Discounted Entry Fees Expire: Friday 29th July 2022

Eligibility: Must be broadcast, published or released in a commercial environment with client approval from 1st July 2021 through 31st August 2022

2022 Judging: 17th October - 24th October

Winners Announced: 15th November 2022










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