2021 Virtual Judging Dates

AMBIENT & ACTIVATION | PRINT | POSTER | BILLBOARD: Commences 7 October - Statue Discussions 1 - 2 November
BRANDED ENTERTAINMENT: Commences 30 September - Statue Discussions 18 - 19 October
CREATIVE USE OF DATA: Commences 8 October - Statue Discussions 27 October
DESIGN and PACKAGE DESIGN: Commences 7 October - Statue Discussions 3 - 4 November
DIGITAL AND SOCIAL MEDIA & INFLUENCERS: Commences 5 October - Statue Discussions 25 - 26 October
EVOLUTION: Commences 28 September - Statue Discussions 13 - 14 October
HEALTH & WELLNESS: Commences 4 October - Statue Discussions 20 - 21 October
HEALTH & WELLNESS - CRAFT: Commences 5 October - Statue Discussions 20 - 21 October
INTEGRATION: Commences 12 October - Statue Discussions 8 - 9 November
MUSIC & SOUND: Commences 30 September - Statue Discussions 18 - 19 October
NON-TRADITIONAL: Commences 5 October - Statue Discussions 25 - 26 October
PHARMA & MEDICAL: Commences 11 October - Statue Discussions 28 October
PHARMA & MEDICAL - CRAFT: Commences 5 October - Statue Discussions 20 - 21 October
PRODUCTION & POST-PRODUCTION AND MUSIC VIDEO: Commences 6 October - Statue Discussions 3 - 4 November
RADIO & AUDIO AND PODCAST: Commences 22 September - Statue Discussions 6 - 7 October
TRANSFORMATIVE BUSINESS IMPACT: Commences 29 September - Statue Discussions 13 - 14 October
TV/CINEMA and ONLINE FILM: Commences 6 October - Statue Discussions 27 - 28 October
2021 Shortlist

Virtual Judging: Commences 22 September 2021
Shortlist Announced: As Each Jury Completes First Round Judging
All Winners Announced: 17 November 2021


LIA has created a virtual coaching and networking program to develop, educate, inspire and grow young creative talent.
Creativity is the most valuable asset in our business today. You can’t teach creativity, but you can coach talent.
This game-changing training academy is a powerful springboard for the next generation of talent, allowing them to learn from some of the most experienced people working in our industry and related industries. The opportunity to have one-to-one coaching sessions with some of the finest creative minds is a golden opportunity for young creatives working in this business.
Coaching is the ability to take a talent to a place they can’t take themself. To see in people what they can’t see in themself. Each session is designed to develop and grow young talent, coaching them to their full potential.
We are offering a virtual coaching experience to create personal connections through direct one-to-one interaction that on a global level has never been offered anywhere else in the industry. This program will allow young creatives, up to age 35, to tap into the minds, expertise and experiences of respected industry stars.
Their interaction is with not just one, but three top creative people from around the world. These personal e-coaching sessions, of an hour each, with three different established industry leaders are private and bespoke. They will cover all disciplines with emphasis on skill development, how to work and navigate in these virtual times and how to establish future directions.


Virtual Sessions: April through August 2021

Virtual Speaker Schedule:

Ogilvy Germany - 20th October 
TikTok/Bytedance, Dubai - 8th October 
ROOK/NYC - 30th September 
Wunderman Thompson Lisbon - 28th September 
Tank Worldwide, Montreal - 24th September 
MUH-TAY-ZIK / HOF-FER,  San Francisco - 22nd September
Great Guns USA - 22nd September 
Eardrum Sydney - 20th September
Baris Gencel
China's Lunar Exploration Program -  2nd September

LIA Chinese Creativity Show

The global benchmark for Chinese creativity

LIA Chinese Creativity is the only global award show that celebrates the very best of Chinese-language creativity.
Established by London International Awards, LIA Chinese Creativity expands our legacy to recognize world-class advertising ideas conceived, written and produced in one of the world’s most prominent languages - Chinese.
With a high-caliber panel of the world’s top Chinese-speaking creatives, all entries will be judged to the same international standards as the LIA global show. Winners will be awarded a coveted Red Statue—the same iconic statue as the LIA Global Statue, coated in brilliant red with a Gold, Silver or Bronze base.
What’s more, LIA Chinese Creativity winners are also included in Campaign Brief Asia’s Creative Rankings.
So winning at LIA Chinese Creativity puts you among the creative elite. It means you've created game-changing work and moved the creative needle.
The competition is open to anyone from any country with work that was originally created and launched in Chinese. With this in mind, all work must be entered in its original format with no English-translated ads allowed.

Eligibility: Must be broadcast, published or released in a commercial environment with client approval from 1st September 2019 thru 8th August 2021

Virtual Judging Dates: 15th October thru 23rd October 










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