2023 Judging Comments

Sam Ashwell

Sam Ashwell - Music & Sound

Creative Partner and Head Sound Engineer

The discussions have always been very very strong and it sets itself apart from other juries I’ve judged on, I really respected everyone on my jury, the people were very much masters of their craft in this jury.
João Braga

João Braga - Radio & Audio

Chief Creative Officer
, Australia

Thank you LIA for having us and for running such a great judging week. It was truly special.

Amy Carvajal

Amy Carvajal - Creativity In Business-to-Business

Chief Creative Officer
Code and Theory
New York

Thank you for having me this year on the first ever Creativity in Business-to-Business category. What an honor, always keeping the calibre high of this prestigious creative award show and also to see all the entries is inspiring.

Tim Condrick

Tim Condrick - Pharma & Medical

Creative Director
, Australia

That’s a wrap. LIA 2023 is done and dusted for me! 
Experiencing LIA was an absolute honour. I found it so inspiring to be around so many incredibly talented creatives and to be able to take part in and listen to really evocative creative discussions. I absolutely loved it! You often forget how much of a silo you work in normally speaking within an agency alone with your own ideas as to what is and isn’t great work. I found the whole thing incredibly valuable.
What an amazing experience to see the coolest, freshest most creative work from across the globe in Pharma & Medical with arguably the coolest, freshest, most creative jury from across the globe! 
Rachel McCready, Franklin Williams, John McPartland, Andy Mathurin, Patty Huang, Amy Fortunato, Stephanie Berman, Laura Florence, ya’ll rock. 

I think the Creative LIAisons initiative is by far the best one I’ve seen across the industry for the way it engages with emerging talent and fully immerses them into much larger than agency experience – congratulations!
It's a real privilege to be able to see the best creative thinking and hear from the best creative thinkers in one amazing place!
Massive thanks to everyone who made it happen, especially Barbara Levy, Patricia Censoprano, Christina Shaw and Laurissa Levy.
Susan Credle

Susan Credle - Jury President - Non-Traditional

Global Chair / Global Chief Creative Officer
FCB Worldwide

On the judging and the work:
•    As a jury, we talked about what does non-traditional mean. In the past, when we had print, audio and outdoor as dominant categories, when people were coming up with interesting things that didn't fit into these categories, they simply called it non-traditional. Today, if you think about it, it really means something that's really creative, regardless of medium: a breakthrough and interesting idea approached in a non-traditional way.

•    Being on the jury has been a wonderful experience. I'm very proud of what we've curated: our Golds, Silvers, Bronzes and Finalists.

•    The most important thing we need to ask ourselves when curating the winners is: will it inspire people to think in different ways when they get a brief or when they're thinking about a problem?

•    When you are looking at great work, it makes being in the jury a wonderful experience. We had a lot of Golds. I think we were all surprised that the one that won, won. It was a crazy, outlier idea. This industry needs to be reminded that we can do really good things and messaging that is fun. 
About the Grand LIA winning ideas:
•    "At first, we were almost embarrassed to admit we love the Grand-LIA-winning 'The Mammoth Meatball' because it's so weird and crazy. But I think the industry needs to be reminded that we can have fun while doing really good things and crafting great messaging in a non-traditional way.

•    The Grand-LIA-Winning Public Service campaign in the category, 'Solar Impulse', was just a brilliant idea. It was about a book of laws that were written by lawyers, so that all the government had to do was pull a piece paper out and pass a law. What the jury felt was this was actionable. It took the pain point away and went straight to not an awareness but an action.
On Creative LIAisons:
We talk about burnout and to a lot of people their answer to burn out is time off, to me this is an answer to burnout, go someplace to get better at your job, take yourself to the next level, be around people that inspire you, make connections and these kinds of programs are the kind of things that can really help us solve some of that. 
Nancy Crimi-Lamanna

Nancy Crimi-Lamanna - Radio & Audio

Chief Creative Officer
FCB Canada
, Canada

LIA judging is an incredible experience. Thanks again!
Joey David Tiempo

Joey David Tiempo - Creativity In The Metaverse and Evolution

Founder / CEO
, Philippines

Creativity in the Metaverse merged with Evolution this year to create LIA’s most future-facing category. I was happy to be reunited with our Jury President, the vibrant Kaleeta McDade, along with stellar creative leaders, both familiar and new. Kaleeta ensured that the space was conducive to both serious and lighthearted discussions which, in my experience, was rare and refreshing. There was both camaraderie in the room and an accountability to ensure the category was properly represented with work that offers us a glimpse of where this industry is headed.

Truly unique to LIA were the jury discussions – which also served as mentorship classes. The Creative LIAisons attendees were able to sit through the judging and freely ask questions. Some young creatives even approached me after the discussion, offering personal feedback and inquiring about entries that were highly debated. I was excited for our Filipino LIAisons attendees, Niña Reyes and Franc Mangahas, to experience this!

I truly enjoyed the opportunity to learn, make friends and honor the year’s best work with the industry’s pillars and up-and-coming stars. Thank you very much for having me.
Oriel Davis-Lyons

Oriel Davis-Lyons - Jury President - Radio & Audio

Chief Creative Officer
New York

We felt very good about the Golds we had given out, but for something to be elevated to become a Grand LIA, it has to really jump out. And collectively, we couldn't say that there was something that jumped out from the others.
On Creative LIAisons:
The next generation of creatives who are in Las Vegas and amongst all the work and amongst the judging is really unique and I learn a lot every year.
Adam Ferrier

Adam Ferrier - Jury President - Transformative Business Impact and Creative Use of Data

Chief Thinker
, Australia

On the judging:
•    Results are massively important, especially in the category of business transformation. It's something that has traditionally been down-weighted in importance in most creative award shows.

•    The jury is usually given a small case study film with a small bit of data. We worked hard to get our head around the larger, more macro narratives, to understand the context the creativity is occurring in.
On the work:
•    This isn’t an easy category: entries would need to demonstrate how they creatively transform a business in a scalable and impactful way.

•    The Grand LIA winners in both categories were from big well-known brands that used their infrastructure to deliver massive impact at scale to various communities.

•    The Mastercard campaign provided fantastic utility to Ukranian refugees arriving in Poland, by combining their data with the data of the local real estate businesses as well as other data sources, to help the refugees rebuild their lives.

•    Corona's campaign in China didn't just sell more beer; it helped to stimulate an entire agricultural business.

•    What was interesting about the Grand LIA winners is that they were for big brands that use the infrastructure of their brands to have a massive impact with various communities.”
On Creative LIAisons:

The Creative LIAisons was fantastic. What I saw was a whole bunch of young creatives all really trying to make their mark, so it was kind of interesting to see how they branded themselves and see them working very hard to stand out and show their own sense of creativity. The second thing that struck me was over the course of a day that the they were given a brief and what they produced in a day would have taken a creative agency 6 weeks to do a few years ago, so the level of really good creativity these younger people were able to create quickly was phenomenal.
Daniel Fisher

Daniel Fisher - Jury President - TV/Cinema and Online Film

Global Executive Creative Director
Unilever and Special Projects

On the work:
• One thing that particularly stood out in our category was a return of humour in a big way. The two Grand LIAs we gave were comedy spots.
• The Grand LIA winner for TV/Cinema was laugh-out-loud funny. With help from the casting, the dialogue and the comic timing, It had the whole room in stitches. As soon as we saw it, we knew it was a contender for the Grand Prize. We gave it to a spot for Canal+ called "Papa.
• With the Grand LIA for Online, you could tell that a lot of thought was put into it: from the set design, to the performance and even the little, quirky details. All to support a very funny premise.
Chloe Fitzgerald

Chloe Fitzgerald - Creativity In PR

Business Director
Dentsu Creative PR
, Australia

This time last week we were sitting in a jury room deliberating on the finalists for the Creativity in PR category at LIA - London International Awards. What an incredible experience!
Such a privilege to spend three days in Las Vegas discussing the global standout work in PR alongside the best in the business. The quality of work was high, a huge congrats to all gold, silver, bronze winners and finalists.
A big thanks to our jury president Judy John for leading discussions and to my fellow jurors for providing a glimpse into your brilliant brains. Thanks Kat Thomas, Lisa Bright, Emily Kett, Jean Paoli, Joel Rodriguez, Karan Novas and Jason Walker. Thanks for having me Patricia Censoprano, Barbara Levy and Terry Savage. The LIA is really something special!
Laura Florence

Laura Florence - Pharma & Medical

Executive Creative Director
Havas Health & You
São Paulo
, Brazil

My participation in LIA this year has come to an end. I am proud of the results achieved. 

But more than just evaluating incredible ideas, LIA was the chance to reunite with old friends, make new connections, and discuss how to make our industry even more creative; that makes this event truly special. 

I want to thank Patricia Censoprano, Laurissa Levy and Barbara Levy for the invitation. It was a wonderful experience! 

Thank you Rachel McCready, Franklin Williams, John McPartland, Andy Mathurin, Patty Huang, Amy Fortunato, Tim Condrick, Stephanie Berman, Collette Douaihy, Eric Weisberg, Jane Motz Hayes, Renata Maia, Alessandra Gomes, Tim Jones, Hugo Veiga, Carren O'Keefe, Joana Mendes and Havas Health & You.
Amy Fortunato

Amy Fortunato - Pharma & Medical

VP, Group Creative Director
Klick Health
New York
, United States of America

LIA 2023 is a wrap for me! What an amazing experience discussing and celebrating work that is pushing our industry forward. Thanks to my fellow pharma and medical jurors for your inspiring insights and healthy debates - Rachel McCready, Franklin Williams, Tim Condrick, Laura Florence, Patty Huang, John McPartland, Stephanie Berman, Andy Mathurin and of course thank you for the invitation Barbara Levy, Laurissa Levy and Patricia Censoprano.
Chris Garbutt

Chris Garbutt - Jury President - Digital and Use of Social Media & Influencers

CCO at VICE Media Group /
President at Virtue Worldwide

On the judging:
•    It's such an honour and privilege to judge the Digital and Social Media & Influencers category at LIA. It's really that category that shows you clues to where the industry is heading.
Comments on the work:
•    New technology and new functionality on platforms can unlock fresh creativity and solutions.
•    One of the interesting trends that we observed was brands leaning into the mistakes that they have made. Instead of sweeping them under the rug, they just leaned into the conversations that was on social media and owned their mistakes. These kinds of Judo moves by brands were fascinating. 
•    The content we create with our brands on all these platforms as an industry can 'feed the beast', if we're not careful.
•    The Grand LIA in Digital was ADLaM. The work was inspiring and powerful as it showed that digital not only saved a language, but it also preserved a culture. It's wonderful when you bring the power of a big global brand and you lean into a very focused problem. When you put those two elements together, it can be so inspiring.
•    "The Cost of Beauty" for Dove won the Grand LIA for Social Media & Influencers. This is a very important piece of work to make the industry realize that we have a huge responsibility with the kind of assets and work we create for these platforms. It was a brilliant campaign that reflected the problem.
•    Digital and Social Media & Influencers shows you the clues of where the industry is going in the future, what technology is available, what new functionality can be used for. It unlocks new forms of creativity and new solutions we can bring to the world that the world needs.
On Creative LIAisons:
What London International Awards is doing for youth culture and creative talent is very unique and very, very valued. If I could have sat witnessing a jury room as a junior creative I would have learned so much about what makes the difference between great and good, what makes the difference between a great execution and a great idea, and to be able to have the privilege of actually sitting in and hearing those conversations first hand and seeing the best work in the world all in one space all at one time is exponentially valuable for young creatives. I think it is amazing what LIA is doing around that.
Alessandra Gomes

Alessandra Gomes - Jury President - Health & Wellness - Craft and Pharma & Medical - Craft

Executive Creative Director
McCann Health Brazil
Sao Paulo
, Brazil

On the work:
•    Everything about the Grand LIA in Health & Wellness – Craft felt so complete and well-executed: it had beautiful illustration, storytelling and craft.

•    A few standout campaigns used AI to enhance the craft, supporting their ideas in really interesting ways.

•    I saw a lot of work that used AI, which was really interesting.

•    The Grand LIA for Health & Wellness Craft, which was "The Bridge" was one of the most complete campaigns, because it used illustration and there was good storytelling.”
Joe Hawkins

Joe Hawkins - Radio & Audio

Creative Director
, Australia

Eardrum Australia’s Joe Hawkins on his LIA judging experience in Las Vegas and the best work from the Radio & Audio category.
According to a lot of the LIA judges, I’d won a golden ticket. Judging in the Radio & Audio category meant being part of an esteemed club where, for the first two days, you got to judge work… outside. So, armed with noise cancelling headphones and a healthy dose of imposter syndrome, I settled in to being outdoors with a group of super talented, enthusiastic, and friendly industry leaders, all chaired by Oriel Davis-Lyons, CCO of Mother New York.
My fellow jury members were:
Nancy Crimi-Lamanna – CCO, FCB Canada, Toronto
Paul Wauters – Regional CCO, Accenture Song, Paris
Jill Kershaw – Founder/CEO, Sound & Fury, Los Angeles
Odin Saillé – Founder/CCO, Mutant, Antwerp
Florence Leibaschoff – Founder/CCO, Beautiful Beast, Dallas
Juliana Leite – Special Projects & Creartive Content VP, Africa, Sao Paulo
Joao Braga – ex CCO, Wunderman Thompson, Sydney
Erica Roberts – CCO, BBH, New York
Chris Smith – Co-Founder/Principal/CCO, Plot Twist Creativity, Dallas
Unlike many award shows, there’s no pre-judging at LIA. That means jury members get to independently hear and judge every single entry, on site. In our case, that meant hearing over 160 spots and case studies, and reading a lot of well-written supporting material.
The first thing I noticed (aside from sitting within peg-leg jumping distance of the pool) was the prominence of AI driven executions. There were lots of ideas based around recreating the voice of a deceased person. Sure, the technology and effort to bring them to life is commendable, and no doubt would’ve taken a lot of stake-holder management, hoop-jumping and finesse. But many of them felt like an exercise in tapping into tech rather than the listener.
The second thing that struck me… no Aldi entries from Australia!?
After two days of Yes/No In/Out voting, we’d whittled the entries down to 70 or so. The next round of voting required us all to give these spots a score from 1 – 10. This got the final pool of entries – the ones where we’d decide metal – down further. And it was at this point we all made our way into a well-appointed conference room with an appropriately semi-circular lounge to discuss and re-watch/listen to each entry as a group. Oriel and Terry Savage (Chairman of LIA) gave us a reminder of what we were looking for and off we went.
A show of hands to indicate if a piece was worthy of Gold, Silver, Bronze, Finalist or Out determined who won what, but not before a seasoned amount of discussion on each entry. This is where things got really interesting, in a great way. Opinions were shared, along with any background or cultural insight the jury could offer. And unlike some other shows, the insidious presence of network and country politics were absent. I’d heard this about the LIAs numerous times before coming to Vegas, and I heard it reiterated again by many jurors across all juries while I was here. It was clearly something that everyone appreciated and enjoyed – judge the work on its merits, not from where it came from.
Being on this side of the fence, I can say that each and every winner, regardless of the award given, was subject to a lot of debate and scrutiny. Some entries were re-voted on. Some went up, some went down. But everything was given the full attention, thought and discussion of a room of passionate radio and audio junkies.
As for the entries that stood out most for me, or those that just made me fall in love with the medium all over again, these are all worth a listen. Maybe grab a nice comfy seat outside and your noise-cancellers.
“Dr Rick Will See You Now” – Progressive Insurance
Arnold, Boston

An audiobook of Dr. Rick’s best-selling physical book on Parentamorphosis, a term used to describe young homeowners who start turning into their parents when they buy their first home. The writing on this is next level. Not a word or sentence wasted to create a laugh out loud guide on how to not become your parents. Hard enough in a 30 second spot. Ridiculously difficult for a 30+ minute audio guide.
“Comma”, “Ellipsis”, “Em Dash” – Kit Kat
Wunderman Thompson, Philippines

A brilliantly crafted campaign that visualises the role of underappreciated characters of punctuation. Another win for the beauty of painfully well-written copy.
“Boss Face Sticker”, “Taxi Driver Pic Looks Different”, “Keeping Mom’s Place In The Line” – Halls
DAVID, Madrid

From the casting, perfect performance, scripting and the use of breath (“breathe in, breathe out”), this is a masterclass in the sum of the parts working to create a story that builds and releases perfectly. ‘Boss Face Sticker’ was the standout.
“Dreamcaster” – Michelob ULTRA
FCB, New York

Michelob are making a name for themselves when it comes to creating big, unimaginable, inspiring content stories made possible by ground-breaking tech. Following up their McEnroe Vs McEnroe achievement, ‘Dreamcaster’ grants the wish of a blind, basketball mad fan to become a legitimate game announcer through the use of a bespoke audio language and speaker system to ‘see’ the game in real time.
“I See Coke” – Coca-Cola
VMLY&R Commerce, New York

A devilishly simple promotional campaign that uses smart-speaker technology while watching a movie or TV show. More than a great bit of commerce powered by audio, there’s also some lovely writing here that elevates the craft and builds brand love.
“Worth Every Try” – Burger King
DAVID, New York

If memory serves, this received a unanimous 11 votes for a Gold. DAVID have created a new template for doing on-air giveaways. It’s something that could’ve worked for any fast-food brand’s product, but the tone of this is 100% Burger King – entertaining, irreverent, and clever. You’ll wish it was longer than 80 seconds, too. The longer it goes, the more bonkers it gets.
“McDonald’s Jingle Board” – McDonald’s
Scholz & Friends, Berlin

Maybe the biggest brain-bender of the entries. For the most part, the ‘audio’ in this spot is what you create inside your head. OOH posters displayed the musical notation of the McDonald’s jingle outside of classical concert halls across Germany, along with the direction and distance to the nearest restaurant. No logo. Anyone musical could read the notation, hum the tune and work it out. After the initial launch, and for those less musically inclined, the audio sting played whenever a viewer was close by.
Such a simple idea that blew the lid off what constitutes audio – hearing something without actually hearing something. We were lovin’ it.
Additional comment:
Had an absolute blast. I now know why everyone holds LIA up as being THE show to judge at and enter.
Guan Hin Tay

Guan Hin Tay - Jury President - Ambient & Activation • Print • Poster • Billboard

Creative Chairman
BBDO Singapore

On the judging experience:
•    What I love about judging at LIA is that everything is judged in person. There was no online judging, so we saw everything together. I made sure that each judge had a voice in the room, creating a fair system. 

•    The judges were very meticulous and critical. I must say, if you got even a finalist, you've done a great job.
On the work:
•    We are still judging on the basis of a great insightful concept. The concept is still king. The big idea is still king. The over-art-directed, over-crafted print and poster is on its way out. It's always back to the concept.

•    I think print today needs to stand for something. Print is more than just a piece of paper; it has the potential to create huge impact.

Guan Hin Tay LIA 2023 Jury President Diary:

The London International Awards judging at the Encore Hotel in Las Vegas has just concluded. The judging week was hugely successful and BBDO Singapore’s Tay Guan Hin had the honour to represent Singapore as the Jury President for this year’s Ambient & Activation, Print, Poster and Billboard Jury. Here Guan Hin reports on the judging process and provides insights on the winning work.

I am thrilled to have served as the Jury President for the London International Awards alongside a panel of incredibly talented creative leaders. The depth of insights and perspectives shared has been truly enriching.

They are:
Theo Gibson, GCD, JOAN New York
Yehoon Lee, VP / ECD, Cheil Worldwide Seoul
Jonathan McMahon, ECD, Special Auckland
Joana Mendes, President, Clube de Criação São Paulo
Joe Sciarrotta, Deputy CCO, Ogilvy Worldwide
Jen Speirs, CCO, Droga5 Dublin
Alvar Suñol, Co-President / CCO, Alma DDB Miami
Marielle Wilsdorf, Partner / Managing Director, Scholz & Friends Hamburg

Right from the start, I encouraged robust debates to ensure each statue winner excelled in their category. This jury experience has deepened my understanding of global cultures and reshaped my perception of creative works. Face-to-face discussions allowed us to scrutinize each piece meticulously. While virtual judging offers convenience, I admit it’s easy to get sidetracked – the immersive in-person process made a difference.

Every entry? We see it! That’s the beauty of the LIA judging process. Jurors are present on-site for EVERY. SINGLE. ROUND. From the initial stage right through to the final statue discussions. There’s no pre-judging here; we ensure every piece of work gets its moment in the spotlight.

And the best part? No quotas. That’s right. Decision-making reins are entirely in our hands – for the Grand LIA or Gold, Silver, Bronze titles, or even Finalists.

The winners stood out for their originality, innovative problem-solving, and sheer creativity, often showcasing big ideas for prominent brands.

On our first day, we went through the ins and outs. It was my longest day, as I aimed to finish everything before the day ended. It’s amusing how I initially thought that online judging would grant me weeks to complete — which feels like forever. But, being a typical creative type, I found myself procrastinating until those last-minute reminders kicked in. I’m given just a day to accomplish everything in an on-site setting. The presence of peers certainly kept me laser-focused on each task at hand.

Ambient & Activation Winners.
This year marked a robust presence in the Ambient and Activation sectors, witnessing the highest number of entries. After meticulous evaluation, the jury awarded a Grand LIA, 16 Golds, 14 Silvers, 16 Bronze Statues, and acknowledged 6 Finalists.

Initially, we contemplated reducing the awards but realized the tally was on par with the previous year. One insightful judge advocated against undercutting the winners given the superior quality of work, swaying everyone’s agreement.

As 16 gold laureates contended for the Grand Prix, selecting the Grand LIA became a delightful dilemma. The process of sieving through led us to the final three: Skittles’ “Apologize the Rainbow”, Samsung’s “Unfear”, and Honest Eggs Co’s “FitChiX”.

After a spirited debate, it boiled down to “Apologize the Rainbow” and “FitChix”. “FitChix”, an unprecedented fitness tracker illustrating chicken activity levels on eggs, clearly stole the judge’s favour, having already clinched three golds and a bronze in various subcategories. Although Skittles’ campaign was stellar, FitChix’s innovation in affirming free and healthy lives for chickens was groundbreaking, leading to a unanimous decision for the Grand LIA.

There was a sentiment for awarding a Grand LIA to an NGO, particularly ‘Knock Knock’. Despite my inclination towards it, the need for more votes and the absence of another Gold-worthy contender made it a tough sell.

Print Winners.
In a landscape where digital often overshadows the tangible, our evaluation of the print category was a breath of fresh air. Although the entries were fewer this year, their quality spoke volumes. It showcased a thoughtful selection by agencies, revealing a mature appreciation for the essence of print. The Grand LIAs, one for a Public Service/Charity/NGO, along with the array of golds, silvers, and bronzes, highlighted this medium’s fine artistry and conceptual depth.

The spotlight was undeniably on Leica’s “The One Exhibition”. A narrative told through the lens of a Leica M11. The simplicity and profound impact of transforming a single photograph into a gallery of details captured our imagination. It was not just about the aesthetics but each image fragment’s narrative, unfolding a larger story yet keeping the core idea intact. The accompanying photo book was an ode to the power of 60 megapixels and the boundless creative horizons that print could still venture into.

As we delved into other campaigns, the authenticity resonated with us. Michelob Ultra Mexico’s “Our kind of party”, Ikea’s“Proudly Second best”, Burger King’s various innovative campaigns, and McDelivery’s series all carried a semblance of authentic, unfiltered moments that spoke to the audience. They were conceptual yet relatable, shedding the over-crafted aura that once shrouded the print industry.
The silver and bronze laurel awarded to Solar Impulse manifested print’s potential to catalyze change. Led by Bertrand Piccard, it was an endeavour to marry environmental cognizance with actionable legislative discourse. The “Prêt a voter” draft laws, alongside enlightening books, handed to the French MPs, was print’s attempt at fostering meaningful dialogue, urging a step towards eco-realism.

The Grand LIA for the NGO “Change the Ref” campaign was unsettling yet compelling. The stark imagery of a bullet wound marking a vote on a ballot sheet was a powerful commentary on the repercussions of political choices concerning gun control. It was more than print; it was a mirror held up to society, urging contemplation and action.

Our verdict as a jury transcended the aesthetics; The simplistic yet profound, the authentic yet imaginative, and the visually pleasing yet thought-provoking nature reaffirmed that in print, the big idea still reigns supreme, echoing a resonance long after the page is turned.

Poster winners.
This year, the highest honour, the Grand in Poster, was awarded to the NotMilk campaign. The campaign had catchy titles like “We Didn’t Write This Campaign”, “No Leche”, “Calostrum-free”, “The Not Company” and “Food Hero”.

It was nearly a situation where the Poster category would not have a Grand LIA winner. The jury was split down the middle. Half of them were in favour of Not Milk’s “We didn’t write this campaign,” while the other half leaned towards Heinz Ketchup’s “Kitchen”, “QSR” and “Dinner”. It was a tight vote, so I asked everyone to think it over again. Heinz is a big name, and they have always maintained a high standard with their work. This year was no different.

On the other hand, NotCo, the brand behind Not Milk, is a newcomer. Yet, they managed to carve out a spot in the crowded plant-based milk market. They did something quite clever. They faced legal challenges and turned them around to their advantage. They used the exact words from the lawsuits against them in their advertising. It’s amusing to see that the campaign credits mention C&B Lawyers. I wanted to know if these lawyers would also be acknowledged with statues for their clever wording.

Billboard winners.
Despite awarding two Golds, we were at an impasse when deciding on a Grand LIA. Among the Gold awardees, McDonald’s Happy Ramadan campaign was rightfully placed in its category and deservedly won Gold for Best use of Real-time advertising. This campaign was straightforward in its excellence.

On the other hand, the Coors Light “Chillboards” campaign, which bagged the other Gold and 2 Silvers, sparked much discussion among us. We debated whether it should be categorized as an Ambient or a Billboard. The unique aspect of this campaign was its placement on roofs, which led to questions about its visibility and effectiveness as a billboard. People see a typical billboard, but would people notice it if it’s placed on a roof? The effectiveness of a billboard relies on its visibility, but this was different here.

What set the Coors Light “Chillboards” campaign apart and perhaps what elevated it to a Gold status in our eyes was its tangible impact. The campaign wasn’t just about promoting a brand; it had a real-world effect that people could feel. The custom font used in the billboard managed to reduce roof temperatures by a substantial 50°F/28°C, which in turn lowered the internal temperatures by 10°F/6°C. This innovative approach drew attention and lowered air conditioning costs by up to 20%. This practical and beneficial impact made the campaign stand out, transcending the traditional expectations of a billboard advertisement.

LIA made a grand stride this year, bringing the ceremony live from Las Vegas. The unique approach of announcing Winners and finalists post-jury deliberation added a fresh zest to the age-old tradition.
We don’t just celebrate creative ideas and executions; we foster a community that thrives on originality and excellence.

The phrase “Created for Creatives” resonates profoundly as we reflect on all the winners. It’s not merely a tagline but a powerful message that underscores the essence of LIA. It’s a call to all the creatives out there to keep pushing boundaries, to keep challenging the status quo, and to keep creating.

LIA continues to be an inspiration, encouraging the boundless creativity that shapes our world, making it a colourful, thought-provoking, and ever-evolving event.
Judy John

Judy John - Jury President - Creativity In PR

Global Chief Creative Officer

When we were voting for the Grand LIA Prêt à voter for the NGO, we unanimously voted for Prêt à voter. It was so far ahead of the others that it won the vote for Grand LIA for NGO. It was brilliant!

There was a lot of discussion for the Grand LIA. The reason why we picked Mastercard is the sustainability of that idea and the transformative nature of a company like Mastercard coming out and creating utility for people coming to Poland."

Karl Johnson

Karl Johnson - Health & Wellness - Craft and Pharma & Medical - Craft

SVP, Group Creative Director
New York

It was an absolute honor to be able to gather with the brightest creatives in my industry, debate, and have a few laughs along the way.
This was absolutely the most fun I've had judging out of all the organizations I've worked with.
Jill Kershaw

Jill Kershaw - Radio & Audio

Founder / CEO
Sound & Fury
Venice, CA
, United States of America

On the judging experience
•    I especially love that the LIA brings together world-class jurors who check their egos at the door. They are some of the biggest names with a wealth of experience, yet they’re so game to listen to and discuss opinions from the other jurors.

•    Unlike some of the shows I’ve judged, every juror sees every piece of work from round one, instead of being assigned a small batch of work. This means that, from day one, the jurors are able to discuss the work on common ground.

•    The jury ensured every piece of work got its fair share of attention. What I really loved was that we didn’t start with, ‘This is what I hate about this work,’ but tried to look for interesting nuances in the piece that elevated the work.
On the work
•    We kept our ears open for standout ideas that made us feel that Radio & Audio is very much alive. We also made it a point to also reward work that demonstrated exceptional execution in a particular craft.
Many thanks for including me again on the best jury in the world and creating the inspiring LIA community! I say it every year, but it’s true: LIA is the most wonderful time of the year. Reminding me how much I love radio and all my peers in this crazy industry!

The Encore hotel and our jury dinner were fantastic, as always!
Christine Lane

Christine Lane - Creativity In Business-to-Business

Head of Innovation + Experience
North America DDB Corporate
New York
, United States of America

Here’s what gets me fired up about working in advertising these days…today, agencies can identify a highly specific real-world problem (big or small) that is directly affecting a brand’s line of business and design a solution against it. It’s an incredible way to put our creative talents to use. In our excitement, however, to be part of the solution design, we (agencies) sometimes forget we need to also market the solution.

Sometimes that marketing is obvious in the form of direct mail, packaging updates, explicit service changes, etc. But this isn’t always the case. And it shows up in case studies when we talk more about the solution than how the solution reached audiences and how audiences embraced it.

It’s a new world. One where we sometimes need to market our marketing.

This was top of mind for me recently while joining a panel of esteemed industry colleagues to judge the inaugural Creativity in Business-Business category for the LIA - London International Awards.

It was inspiring to see the positive impact our marketing solutions are having on businesses and people, and see the variety of methods used to bring them to life. The jurors were critically interested in whether a piece of work was truly b2b, how the work was crafted, and what the reactions were from the businesses targeted.

I left LIA energized about this industry’s ability to make things that have never been made before and reminded how we’re at our best when we do what we’ve historically done so well and share them with the world.

Cheers to an amazing panel and great Vegas buddies: Eka Ruola, Amy Carvajal, Alexandre Abrantes, Gavin Chimes,Reed Collins, Armin Jochum, Raphaella Martins Antonio, Sabaa Quao and Severine Autret.

Florencia Leibaschoff

Florencia Leibaschoff - Radio & Audio

Founder / Chief Creative Officer
, United States of America

It was a great honor to be part of LIA. Thanks so much for inviting me to be part of the best radio & audio Jury on earth, Chris Smith was not exaggerating! I loved being part of the best jury in the whole universe! Chris, Chief Universe Global Officer, Paul, and Jill you were not lying, this is the best festival ever!
Thanks, Barbara and Patricia for everything! Also, it was great meeting you in person!
Juliana Leite

Juliana Leite - Radio & Audio

Special Projects and Creative Content VP
São Paulo
, Brazil

LIA judging was an incredible experience!
Rich Levy

Rich Levy - Jury President - Health & Wellness

Chief Creative Officer
Klick Health

On the work:
•    The quality of work we saw this year was excellent. We saw incredible social media campaigns, films, activations, product design and even innovation. As a jury, we felt so good about the winning work, from the Grand LIA level all the way down to our Bronze-Statue-winning work.

•    We saw work that used AI as a tool, all the way to simple things that may seem 'old school' to some. For instance, one of the winning campaigns used out-of-home media and stock photography as a way of hacking their competition."

•    Everything about the Grand LIA–winning campaign was incredible: from the way it was created, to the emotion it brought out and the results. Dove sets a high bar for doing exceptional work, yet for many of us, this felt like the best campaign they've ever done.
On Creative LIAisons:
The LIAisons program that is here in Las Vegas is an invaluable tool. I was fortunate enough to have two mentees this year from different parts of the world and I got to know two people who I probably would never have met and I think it’s a great way of having people learn and propel their career forward. When LIAisons come here to Las Vegas and we get to present to them and speak to people, we get to help teach them new things and it is an incredible program. I really hope that anyone who was invited to be a part of the LIA Creative LIAisons program takes full advantage of it, because it is an incredible learning experience and an incredible networking experience.
Oskar Lübeck

Oskar Lübeck - Design and Package Design

Founder / Chief Creative Officer
, Sweden

Honored to have been a part of the  Design and Package Design Jury in Las Vegas 2023! 

Being part of this prestigious event was a true privilege, as I had the opportunity to  witness some of the most innovative and visually stunning designs from around the world, as well as get to know a group of incredibly warm, inspiring and passionate people: Marjorieth Sanmartin, Tim Allen, Pancho Cassis, Olen Amelia, Emma Eriksson, Zoe Kim, Marjorie Lacombe-Jelinek, Pum Lefebure and Prerna Mehra.
Thank you Patricia Censoprano, Barbara Levy, Laurissa Levy and the whole team  for this opportunity, and congratulations to all the winners!
Vera Maria Portz

Vera Maria Portz - Jury President - Production & Post-Production and Music Video

Partner / MD / Executive Producer
Tempomedia Filmproduction

Overall, we had really good work. For the Grand LIA, everyone in the jury voted for this film, because it was emotionally so strong, but at the same time it was crafted so well that you could just feel how important it is to talk about a disease about social pressure, family pressure. So, we voted for "Me, My Autism and I" to receive a Grand LIA.
Andy Mathurin

Andy Mathurin - Pharma & Medical

Creative Director
New York
, United States of America

Challenging the status quo is the beginning of unlocking true potential. I am incredibly humbled to have partnered with a team of like-minded individuals who embody this sentiment. This was truly another inspiring experience! Thank you Rachel McCready, Laura Florence, Amy Fortunato, Patty Huang, John McPartland, Franklin Williams, Stephanie Berman and Tim Condrick.
Special thanks to Patricia Censoprano, Barbara Levy, Laurissa Levy and LIA - London International Awards for allowing me to be part of this incredible effort!
Rachel McCready

Rachel McCready - Jury President - Pharma & Medical

Chief Creative Officer

On the work:
•    This year, we saw some incredibly impressive work across the board in Pharma & Medical. The best pieces took innovations we've seen in previous years, and brought them to a new place.

•    One of the themes that we saw was using tools that you don't usually see in Pharma like humour. Don't be afraid to use humour for health: it helps get attention not only in the jury room, but more importantly, in the marketplace.

•    We need to be brave. We need to use tools that are going to connect with our audiences, and make an effort to apply them in appropriate and relevant ways. 

•    The Grand LIA winner took something that is invisible and gave it the ability to be perceived. It wasn't just innovative; it actually reached the hearts, minds and ears. It demonstrated the healing and motivational power of communication.
Kaleeta McDade McDade

Kaleeta McDade McDade - Jury President - Creativity In The Metaverse and Evolution

Chief Experience Design Officer

I’m really excited to see work that not only defines, but also rewrites the Metaverse category.
The Metaverse is this beautiful place that is immersive where were can look at brand stories in a different way, and Evolution is where we feel the industry is going, so it’s agnostic of any category as much as it is inspired by where we are as an agency and as [an industry], and where do we feel we are going.

On the work:
•    The work that won the Grand LIA wasn't just something that was commercial. It was literally saving a country. It was such a powerful version of what blockchain is and what it could be.

•    The metaverse is this immersive place where we can tell brand stories in a different way.

•    For the Evolution category, we were looking for inspiring work that represented where we are as an industry, and where we feel we are going.
John McPartland

John McPartland - Pharma & Medical

Executive Creative Director
Ogilvy Health UK
, United Kingdom

That's a wrap. LIA judging was an amazing week discussing the best work in Pharma & Medical from around the world with some of the best humans from around the world - Rachel McCready, Franklin Williams, Tim Condrick, Laura Florence, Patty Huang, Amy Fortunato, Stephanie Berman, Andy Mathurin. A huge thanks for the invite LIA - London International Awards and to Patricia Censoprano, Barbara Levy Laurissa Levy, Christina Shaw and the whole LIA crew for putting on another incredible show!
Prerna Mehra

Prerna Mehra - Design and Package Design

Head of Design / CD
MullenLowe MENA
, United Arab Emirates

Every interaction with this incredible jury was a learning experience. Seeing each juror's unique perspectives was profoundly enriching. 

Malcolm Poynton

Malcolm Poynton - Integration

Global Chief Creative Officer
Cheil Worldwide

What sets LIA apart is that there’s no pre-judging. We all judged every piece of work together, giving us an opportunity to discuss the work while it’s still fresh, as opposed to judging in isolation, only to come into the jury room a few weeks later wondering, ‘What’s that piece of work again?’
One would expect glitzy Las Vegas to be too distracting a place for jury duty. Yet, this was probably one of the most focused, yet relaxed juries I’ve ever been on.
On Creative LIAisons:
The mentor program in terms of what happens online is fantastic and offers something different and unique in its own right. Having that one to one FaceTime between a mentee and a mentor is gold dust.
Erica Roberts

Erica Roberts - Radio & Audio

Chief Creative Officer
New York
, United States of America

LIA is truly world-class – the experience and this jury! Thank you so much Barbara, Patricia and team.
Eka Ruola

Eka Ruola - Jury President - Creativity In Business-to-Business

Chief Creative Officer
Nitro Group

B-to-B doesn't mean boring-to-boring. The work we have awarded is a great example of creativity rushing into B-to-B arena. The Grand LIA for AIZOME WASTECARE™ was shoulders above the rest. It got Gold in B2B Design and Craft. It's a beautiful piece. They have an amazing story to share with the audience.

On Creative LIAisons:
The Creative LIAisons program in my opinion is one of the biggest acts that has happened in this industry for the future of this industry. The fact that we come together here and we invite the next generation, the new breed to see what we do, not only to learn from us, but we actually collide in a way that we learn from them as well, is by far one of the biggest acts this industry has done for itself for the future.
Marjorieth Sanmartin

Marjorieth Sanmartin - Jury President - Design and Package Design

Chief Creative Officer
Philipp und Keuntje and fischerAppelt

On the judging and work:
•    We were really happy to see some outstanding designs in both Design and Packaging Design.
•    In Packaging Design, we sought something crafted or applied in a way that has never been done before. From the moment we laid eyes on the Grand-LIA-winning work in Packaging Design, we loved it. We gave the Grand LIA to a sticker that was created by a supermarket. This sticker had different colors to be placed on the fruit and depending on the color, the sticker will give you tips on how to use the fruit.  It was sustainable. It was genius. And it's just a sticker!
•    We've had jurors that have been in design for such a long time, yet the Grand LIA in Design seemed so simple and fresh to us. There are some pieces that you know from the beginning that it is a Grand LIA. And this is what happened with this piece. Japan Railway was iconic and ticked so many boxes. We almost had to have a lottery to see who could bring that design 
Abby Sie

Abby Sie - Music & Sound

Head of Sound, Film and TV

Instead of throwing an awards ceremony, LIA puts the money back from the award entry fees into education and I think that’s outstanding. Having the calibre of the people they have give talks to people who are here to learn and be receptive and open to all of that advice and inspiration, is where I think this award is a stand out from others.
Joel Simon

Joel Simon - Jury President - Music & Sound

CEO and Chief Creative Officer
JSM Music

On the judging process:
•    Our jury was very strong. LIA puts in a lot of effort to ensure that the jury is well-represented to ensure a diversity of perspectives: we had jurors from different regions, and who were masters of different disciplines.

•    Judging music and sound isn't just about closing your eyes and listening. When combined with great visual storytelling, music and sound can choreograph the visual.

•    We looked at the craft that was put into the piece of work. We also asked: is it executed in a simply smart way?
On not having a Grand LIA:
We didn't have a Grand LIA this year, because we only have two Golds. There wasn't anything that blew us all away where we go: that was unbelievable! 
We had really good, well crafted, well thought-out work. But we didn't have one that blew us all away.
On Creative LIAisons:
Creative LIAisons is such a unique program that I know resonated with every single participant.
It feeds the industry, which ultimately feeds all of us. Instead of making it a profit center, LIA is redistributing the money that is coming in and giving the next generation of creatives the opportunity to learn, and to fly them in, it was amazing. I love judging, I love being the president of the jury, but I love doing the LIAisons even more, because they are so hungry. I’ve been doing the Creative LIAisons for awhile and I love that aspect of this show. It’s not just about we are judging the work from all the professionals well known, but the Creative LIAisons program is one of the most special parts of LIA, because you are talking to young people who have won awards, but they are young and still up and coming and people always ask me if I wasn’t doing what I am now what would I want to do and it would actually be to teach.
Jimmy Smith

Jimmy Smith - Jury President - Branded Content & Entertainment

Global Chair / Global Chief Creative Officer
Amusement Park Entertainment

This is some of the most dope work that I have seen entered. Work was outstanding, top to bottom. Right down to the finalist. We spent all of 5 minutes discussing “Missing Matoaka,” because it was that great. “Missing Matoaka” was like Usain bolt, you weren’t catching that train. 
In the past, when it comes to judging this category, we'd say, 'That's a commercial, kick it out.' But branded content, while more informational and not necessarily entertaining, can still be done in surprising ways. For branded entertainment however, just like any film or video game, it must entertain. 

In some jury rooms, people have their boxing gloves on. But we agreed at the beginning: we're not here for our agencies or for ourselves. In fact, even if you disliked somebody, that doesn't mean you cannot vote for their work.
On having the Creative LIAisons attendees observe judging:
This is a huge opportunity for them to witness the freshest work from across the globe, and to gain insight into how some of the best people in the business evaluate greatness. I only wish I had the chance to experience this earlier in my career; it would've made a huge difference.
Chris Smith

Chris Smith - Radio & Audio

Plot Twist Creativity
Co-Founder / Principal / CCO
, United States of America

Great experience as always, with a fantastic jury. 
Chaka Sobhani

Chaka Sobhani - Jury President - Integration

Global Chief Creative Officer
Leo Burnett Worldwide

Our resounding Grand LIA winner is the brilliantly fresh and original “FitChix”. Such a simple brilliant idae to ensure that people know about the freshness of their produce, their eggs and the idea that you put a fitbit, but a fitchic on a chicken, so simple, so brilliant, absolutely breathtaking.

The value of any awards isn't just to give out a Grand prix because you have to. You have to have work and ideas that hit a bar to get to Gold and then Grand Prix.

On Creative LIAisons:
The thing that makes LIA so special is the amount of heart that there is in putting back into the industry and what I mean by that it’s about the young talent that is coming through and emerging and the program is insane. It’s literally like a university course just condensed and I know for all of our teams who have been lucky enough to come here it’s been a genuinely life-changing experience for them and one that really helps shape them and their career and they come back to their agencies and their buzzing and they share those experiences and it sort of has a ripple effect of their peers learning from there.”