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In 1986, Barbara Levy, Founder & President of London International Awards (LIA), started the first multi-disciplinary, truly international awards show in the advertising industry. For 38 years, LIA has been a global Award for creative excellence in all forms of media growing and evolving its competitions to now include 27 categories. 
LIA stands as a champion of the creative process, creatives themselves, and of course, great creative ideas. We are proud to award the best creative work entered each year.
Each year LIA assembles the most celebrated and highly respected creative people in the industry to sit on our diverse global jury panels. Judging is held annually in Las Vegas since 2010. All rounds of judging are done onsite. There is no pre-judging. All jurors are required to vote on all entries in their respective categories, from the First Round through the Statue Round, except their own work or work that their company contributed to.
LIA held an annual Award Ceremony in London for 26 years, from 1986 through 2010. In 2011, after lengthy talks with many of the top creatives from around the world, LIA decided to forego the traditional Award Show to invest in the future of the industry by launching Creative LIAisons, a worldwide educational initiative for emerging talent. This program, funded by LIA, takes place simultaneously with our award judging in Las Vegas. In 2021 we expanded Creative LIAisons by adding a virtual component, in addition to the onsite program. 
Since LIA’s inception, it has grown into one of the top five international Creative Awards Festivals in the world. 
100% owned and operated by women.
LIA continues to hold the unique distinction of being the only international award festival owned by a woman and having a full-time staff of only women.


Neil French - Advertising
PJ Pereira - Interactive
Colin Porter - Package Design