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London International Awards now honors 22 unique media types: Ambient, Billboard, Branded Entertainment, Design, Digital, Health & Wellness, Health & Wellness - Craft, Integration, Music & Sound, Music Video, Non-Traditional, Package Design, PharmaceuticalsPharmaceuticals - Craft, Podcast, Poster, Print, Production & Post-Production, Radio & Audio, Social Influencers, The NEW and TV/Cinema/Online Film.

Since its inception in 1986, London International Awards (LIA) has been a worldwide Award for creative excellence in all forms of media.  In 2004, the word “Advertising” was removed from the annual competition’s name to reflect the fact that it awards more than just “advertising” in an ever-changing industry.

London International Awards, the first truly international Award of its kind, has continually evolved as the landscape of the industry has changed. It has grown from honoring three media types, TV & Cinema, Print and Radio to the current landscape honoring 22 unique media.

LIA believes that Creativity doesn't happen in isolation. It depends on making connections: between thoughts and between people. Each year, LIA assembles the best creative minds in the business to judge all of its entries in Las Vegas.

Creative LIAisons is an educational program developed and funded by London International Awards (LIA) for young creatives from around the globe. The age requirement for the program is between 21 and 30 years. Creative LIAisons takes place simultaneously with LIA's judging, helping the next generation make connections with the industry leaders and with their peers.

More than 100 creatives from Agencies, Production Companies, Design Houses, Health and Pharmaceutical Companies and Tech Companies worldwide are invited to judge on-site in Las Vegas on the LIA panels. The Juries are comprised of the most talented, recognized and awarded individuals from within their respective fields.

Jury members are required to attend from the commencement of judging through statue discussions. Every member on each Jury panel, including the Jury President, judges all entries (they are not permitted to judge their own work) in their respective media without bias as to origin of work by country, company or individual. These panels decide on the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Statue Winners, as well as the Finalists.

Each Jury has the discretion to award a Grand LIA. A Grand LIA can only be awarded to a piece of work that has achieved at least one Gold statue in its respective medium.

Of the winning works selected, there is a potential to win a Global Of The Year Award and/or a blue LIA statue for the Regional Of The Year Award. The regions recognized are: Asia, Australia / New Zealand, Europe, Middle East / Africa, North America and South America.

Of the Year Awards are inclusive of, but not limited to: Network, Agency, Independent Agency, Production Company, Post-Production Company, Design & Package Design Company, Radio & Audio Company, Music & Sound Company and Health & Pharmaceuticals Network of the Year and Health & Pharmaceuticals Agency of the Year.

To qualify for any of these awards, it is based on a point system of Statue Wins and Finalist Status. To receive this honor a company must have a large body of winning work.




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