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About LIA

In a time when creativity is being tragically undervalued and agency models are exploding and collapsing, London International Awards stands as a champion of the creative process, creatives themselves, and of course fantastic creative work.

Created for creatives, LIA is a show striving for honesty and openness. We don't blindly chase industry trends, create new awards every year or desperately court each new dollar or discipline. We stand for great creative ideas and execution, and are proud to assemble the best talent every year to do so.

Newly listed as one of only five global shows in the WARC Creative 100 Ranking, LIA is rapidly rising to become one of the industry's most important shows. In large part this is due to Creative LIAisons, our weeklong event held each year in Las Vegas concurrently with judging.


Next up I'm recommending that they change to Las Vegas International Awards. Still call it LIA. Forget the 'V', no one will notice.

Jeremy Craigen

We chose Las Vegas on a dare from Jeremy Craigen.

He challenged us to hold the judging there in order to make the show more important and transparent and less "shit". And now that we have moved it to Vegas, Jeremy shows up every year. He's become our unofficial spirit guide. And you'll see his influence around our site. Thank you, Jeremy.


LIAisons seeks to unify the advertising world's best thinkers, best work, and best up and coming talent.

It's an intense week, focused on our specific industry and led by the best practitioners of our craft. We don't throw celebrity speeches at you just to build hype, and we won't throw empty gimmicks at you like putting our judging on Facebook Live.

We constantly seek to create a pure environment of lively debate, intellectual honesty and camaraderie with the goal of elevating and enhancing the power of creativity in today's world.