London International Awards (LIA) is a Creative Awards Festival, established in 1986, by Barbara Levy, President. Barbara is the first and only woman to start and operate an International Awards Show. Since its inception, LIA has been a worldwide award for creative excellence in all forms of media.
LIA stands as a champion of the creative process, creatives themselves, and of course, great creative ideas and executions, and are proud to award the best creative work each year.
We stand for great creative ideas and executions, and are proud to annually assemble the best talent to judge the work entered.
100% owned and operated by women.
LIA continues to hold the unique distinction of being the only international award owned by a woman and having a full-time staff of only women.


Annually, LIA assembles the most celebrated people in the industry together in Las Vegas. All members on our diverse global jury panels, including the Jury Presidents, judge all entries in their respective competitions with exception to work that they personally collaborated on.

Judges see every entry.
The LIA judging process requires that jurors are on-site for ALL judging from the first round through statue discussions.  There is no pre-judging to narrow the entries. This practice ensures that all jurors see every piece of work.

Our jury rooms are open.
We welcome the press, Creative LIAisons Attendees, and LIA guests at any time.

No quotas for jury decisions.
Our juries are in full control of all winners for Grand LIA, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Finalists. Every juror is aware of all winners when judging has completed because each respective Jury President must sign off on the Winners and Finalists.

Creative LIAisons Funded by LIA

LIA offers a chance for young creatives to mix, mingle and learn from each other and from top industry creatives and executives. As a testament to how truly valuable this experience is a number of past junior attendees quickly rose through the ranks to become Creative Directors and Executive Creative Directors. Others have attained positions as high-level creatives or managerial roles at the world’s best known tech companies and brands.

In 2021 LIA created a virtual networking program to inspire, develop and grow young creative talent. This game-changing training academy is a powerful springboard for the next generation of talent, allowing them to learn from some of the most experienced people working in our industry and related industries. We are offering a virtual coaching experience to create personal connections through direct one-to-one interaction allowing young creatives, to tap into the minds, expertise and experiences of respected industry icons.
In 2012, after lengthy talks with many of the top creatives from around the world, LIA decided to forego the traditional Award Show to invest in the future of the industry. Creative LIAisons, a program fully funded by LIA, was the result of this decision.

LIA Chinese Creativity Show

The global benchmark for Chinese creativity

LIA Chinese Creativity is the only global Award Show that celebrates the very best of Chinese-language creativity. Established by London International Awards, LIA Chinese Creativity expands our legacy to recognize world-class advertising ideas conceived, written, produced and released into the marketplace in one of the world’s most prominent languages - Chinese.
With a high-caliber panel of the world’s top Chinese-speaking creatives, all entries will be judged to the same international standards as the LIA global show. Winners will be awarded a coveted Red Statue—the same iconic statue as the LIA Global Statue, coated in brilliant red with a Gold, Silver or Bronze base.
What’s more, LIA Chinese Creativity winners are also included in Campaign Brief Asia’s Creative Rankings. So winning at LIA Chinese Creativity puts you among the creative elite. It means you've created game-changing work and moved the creative needle.
The competition is open to anyone from any country with work that was originally created and launched in Chinese. With this in mind, all work must be entered in its original format. No English-translated ads allowed.