2021 Creative LIAisons Coaches

André (Deco) Artilheiro

Senior Creative
Circus Media.Monks
São Paulo
, Brazil

I’m Deco, a Brazilian creative copywriter and I refuse to write this in the third person. Nothing against who does it, but it’s too “Pelé” for me. 

For the past ten years working as a creative, I’ve been extremely fortunate to cooperate with outstanding talents in different cities and countries. 

Together, we built campaigns for pretty much all the categories of consumer goods: from healing creams to Dutch beer. 

Thanks to a lot of hard work and late-night pizzas, some of these campaigns were recognized in major advertising festivals.

In 2020, I bought my first teacher jacket as I was invited to start giving classes at Miami Ad School Brazil.


From exchange comes understanding.
From understanding comes growth.
Mutual growth.
I really look forward to meeting the young people who are part of the Creative LIAisons program.
When we talk about the future of advertising, the young talents are the ones we must focus on. Helping develop them is not only a pleasure, but also an obligation that we all have during our career.

?Programs such as the Creative LIAisons, are of major importance, in order to keep inspiring these young talents. And since learning always goes both ways, it is also an amazing experience for us, the coaches, who can meet and talk with creatives from different cultures. 
It is a cliche, but it is true, talking to new talents freshen you up. It is amazing and inspiring to see all of the passion and the fire they have inside, towards our beloved profession. I loved talking to them and sharing everything I know. I hope my advice will help them throughout their journey. 

?It was a huge honor being part of this program, that not only helps develop new creatives, but also the  future of this industry that I love so much.
And once again, thank you so much for giving me this beautiful opportunity.