2021 Creative LIAisons Coaches

Baris Gencel

Executive Creative Director
China's Lunar Exploration Program
, China

“I have this mental sickness called creativity.” 
Baris Gencel Obsessively Curious Creative and Brand Consultant from Cyprus. 
He has been living in Asia for over 20 years and is currently based in Shanghai. Baris is a rare hybrid creative talent who keeps reinventing himself as a result of working seamlessly within the different areas ranging from Art, Video Content, New Media, Social, Digital, Experiential. He also judged a wide range of categories for The Drum Experiential Advertising Awards, ADFEST Digital / Mobile / Lotus Campaign Effectiveness / Lotus Branded Entertainment Content, and International Film Festival. 
He has been working within a wide range of industries and brands ranging from Ferrari, Porsche, Lexus, BMW, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Sprite, Nestle, Secoo, Tommy Hilfiger, Body Shop, Huawei, Burger King, Tencent and Fosun International. Baris has been giving keynote talks and doing consultancies and writing articles; some of the iconic projects: 
Amoris Lumina Interactive Immersive Rain Forest - Lead Art / Creative Direction / 
Interactive Design / Executive producer 
Art & Brand Consultant of Ministry of Culture of China 
UNESCO year of light, endorsed by NASA first use of AR with projection mapping 
SECOO Online Luxury - Creative Director / Brand Consultant |Listed in NASDAQ 
Guest Speaker - Visual Communication in Digital Age 
Guest Speaker - Story telling with New Technologies, AR - VR 
Guest Speaker - Future of retail 
Guest Speaker - Experiential Marketing 
Guest Speaker - Jiao Tong University Universitas 21 research conference for Digital Future 
Keynote Speeches - Coca Cola Greater PRC Keynote Speeches - Lego International 
Keynote Speeches - Burger King PRC 
Brand Coach - Huawei 
Brand Coach - Lego China 
Future of Retail Coach - Tommy Hilfiger Hong Kong - China 
He was once the most hated Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai, under the lead of legendary Chief Creative Officer Graham Fink, but one of the most loved by the clients. Clients were impressed by his passion for bringing excellence to his assignments by not staying complacent with the current state, by exploring new ideas, breaking barriers looking for new possibilities. He understands branding and what is required to make brands stand out vs competition. Ever since, Baris has been working with network agencies such as WPP and Experiential. He recently joined  one of the biggest groups, FOSUN China as Creative director to work seamlessly . 
Creativity is not an occupation, it is an attitude towards life. I am burning with fire to inspire and nurture talents to enhance the beauty.


“Creativity is the most valuable asset and I am burning to inspire and nurture young talents.”