2024 Creative LIAisons Coaches

Ari Halper

Global ECD & Head of Creative Excellence
, United States of America

Ari Halper is currently a Global ECD and the Head of Creative Excellence at R/GA, where in his first two years at the company, he managed to help steward them to consecutive record-breaking performances in 2021 & 2022, with work such as Reddit’s Superb Owl, Nike Synch and Auditorial for Google.
Prior to joining R/GA, Ari served as the Chief Creative Officer of FCB New York, where he helped to turn around the agency with work such as the Whopper Detour for Burger King, the single most awarded idea in the industry for 2019.
Before that, Ari spent 13 years at Grey New York as an ECD, where he contributed, in no small part, to that agency’s turnaround, as well, being named Agency of the Year in 2013 & 2015.
Other career highlights include fathering the E*TRADE Baby, Canon’s Long Live Imagination campaign, switching people from cable to DIRECTV, intercepting the Superbowl for Volvo, helping the Democrats to the best mid-term election performance in 90 years, and repeatedly taking on the issue of gun safety in the United States with ideas like “Guns With History.”
Ari’s work has been awarded at every major show in the industry including an Emmy and a shortlist at the Oscars.