Creative Coaching

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential, helping them to learn rather than teaching them.

Coaching is ‘performance driven’, designed to improve the professional’s on-the-job capabilities. It is the universal language of change and learning.

The foundation of the LIA Coaching Academy is a game changer. It is designed for young talent with creative flair. The rising stars who have exceptional natural abilities, the drive to be better, and the ambition to be a top level creative.

The chance to have ‘one-to-one’ bespoke and private training coaching sessions with some of the industries finest creative minds is a golden opportunity for young creatives working in this business to improve their skill set. An opportunity to develop the art of perfect practice.

The industry leading coaches are from the four corners of the world. They are charged with helping develop, motivate and train the next generation of practitioners in communication to their full potential. Partnering with gifted young creatives in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional capabilities.

Coaching boosts confidence, develops creative skills, improves work performance and builds effective communication ability. These personal real-time one-to-one virtual coaching sessions are an extremely rare opportunity for rising stars.

I’m a big fan of football and when I look around the world at great players and teams there’s always a world-class training academy behind them, designed to develop their talents.

This is the goal of the LIA coaching academy, destined to be a creative talent development powerhouse in our industry.

And this is important, as we are a Creative Solutions industry. We live and die by our ideas and I believe that creativity is the most valuable asset in business today.

It’s through a creative lens that we solve everything.

LIA has always championed, nurtured and inspired young talent. This platform is designed to develop, educate, inspire and grow creative talent to their full potential.

That’s why we as an industry must invest in a new generation of fearless talent with a commitment to excellence, and help them constantly improve. They are our lifeblood.


Creative LIAisons Mission

To develop, educate, inspire and grow young creative talent.  Since the inception of Creative LIAisons in 2012, over 700 young creatives have had the opportunity to participate in this program. Our goal is to set a new global benchmark in creative training.

In 2021, the highly successful and sought-after Creative LIAisons program has morphed into the first-ever, global virtual one-to-one coaching and networking sessions for young creatives.

Want To Be A Mentor?  Want To Be a Mentee?

Contact: Laurissa Levy at

What to Expect

Mentees can expect to have e-coaching sessions, of an hour each, with three different industry leaders. Each coaching session is personal and tailored to give them the necessary tools to develop skills that will propel them forward. These invaluable up-close and personal sessions will endow mentees with the kind of resilience they need on their creative path to a bright and exciting future ahead.  

We have the most-experienced and most-awarded creative professionals in the business committed to coach in this virtual program.   

In addition to being one-to-one with some of the world’s most respected industry leaders, mentees also have the unique privilege to virtually observe LIA statue discussions in real-time this October. 

Selection Process

Mentees chosen are young creatives from around the globe, currently working in the industry or a related business and are between the ages of 21 and 30.

Mentees were selected by advertising clubs and associations, trade press, companies that support LIA, regional competitions and a select number were self-nominated. 


Mark Christou

Mark Christou

Founder & Creative Partner

Topic: Packaging that Sells

Packaging is a brand's 24/7 salesperson. It needs to quickly tell the consumer everything, without saying anything. Over the past 10 years at ROOK/NYC, we've developed creative packaging solutions for our clients that build brand equity, brand awareness and drive sales.


Ralph van Dijk

Founder / Executive Creative Director

Topic: Make my Logo Louder

Brands have never had so many ways to reach audiences through their ears – from music streaming, podcasts, radio and smart speakers. But given audio is one of the most intimate forms of media, it’s not enough just to reach people; we need to move them.
In this session, award-winning audio specialist Ralph van Dijk will explain how to capture the essence of a brand in sound and ensure it builds personality across all the ways listeners listen. He’ll then demonstrate why adapting your creative to different audio platforms, is key to making an audience that’s passively hearing, start actively listening.
Van Dijk will provide case studies of brands doing it well (along with some high-profile mistakes), describe the environments where it’s best to not cut-through, and the audio assets no brand should be without.

Oliver Fuselier

Managing Director / Executive Producer
Great Guns USA

Topic: Advertising: A Look Into the Creative Process and What Part Does Trust Play in the Big Picture 

During this session Oliver, along with Tanya LeSieur, Head of Production/Associate Partner at MUH-TAY-ZIK / HOF-FER, San Francisco, will be examining some pieces of work from the young creatives and the agencies that they are working with.

Baris Gencel

Baris Gencel

Executive Creative Director
China's Lunar Exploration Program, Shanghai

Topic: Power of Visual Communication in a Digital Age

In the age of the selfie, people want something that speaks to them personally. Images come off  as constructed, airbrushed and no longer resonate with us. Our minds are an endless visual library, which influences everything we see, and how we see it. Visual storytelling has to be the most meaningful form of marketing. The major problem we are facing now is not only how to be more visual based in our marketing approaches, but also how to do it right while building a consistent brand image. The demand of speedy updates is creating a mess on social media, and brands are suffering from inconsistent branding as well as incorrect ways of building a brand image. That is why the need to use the Right-Visual communication approach is stronger than ever, because It takes less than a few seconds to form a first impression! So fast that it can either cause a disaster or become an art piece for renewing brand perception / brand image / brand positioning. We must have a caveman simplicity in communication as we become more digital and must remember the basic fundamentals of branding, applying them insistently. Basics have become more important than ever and excellence in visual communication is now the most important factor in the digital age.

Hyun Seo Yoo and Sarah Guessoum

TikTok, Dubai   

Topic: How creativity can dissolve perceived boundaries.

Wanna know what it’s like to be a creative in the Middle East? TikTok Dubai’s creative leads, HyunSeo Yoo and Sarah Guessoum, will take you through their journey from agency advertising to one of the fastest growing Adtech platforms. They will share their golden rules on how to succeed as a female in the creative industry in the Middle East, showcase some of the best creative works from the region, and reflect on how it’s like to be creating TikToks - not ads. This highly interactive session will give you the space to think, talk, debate and collaborate.

Esra Gulmen

Esra Gülmen

Design Executive Officer
Ogilvy Germany, Berlin

Topic: But is This Esra Enough?

After feeding my creativity. After building my artist side while working in advertising.
After taking inspiration out of everyday struggle. After finding the idea. After crafting it to perfection or perfect imperfection.
After all I look at what I’ve done and then I ask myself: but is this Esra enough?


Sávio Hatherly

Sávio Hatherly

Senior Art Director
Wunderman Thompson Portugal, Lisboa

Topic: The Immigrant Mindset

It's only a fancy name to draw your attention to what I have noticed throughout my years of migrating and working in advertising.
The tireless search for Craft, The Racehorse Theory (not yet proven by Harvard, of course "lol"), and probably ending up with a lot of bullshit nonsense that I have learned observing, working and of course migrating from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo, São Paulo to Lisbon and Lisbon to (I don´t know where yet).
I normally say that we immigrants are already born with a negative debt and we always need to prove ourselves and to do more than anyone expects. And do you want to know the truth? I love it!
But, wait! Everything we will see here isn't only for immigrants, it's for everybody who loves to work with passion and speed.
Sávio Hatherly

Tanya LeSieur

Head of Production/Associate Partner
MUH-TAY-ZIK / HOF-FER, San Francisco

Topic: Advertising: A Look Into the Creative Process and What Part Does Trust Play in the Big Picture

During this session we will be examining some pieces of work from the young creatives and the agencies that they are working with.
Marty Martinez

Marty Martinez

Chief Creative Officer
Tank Worldwide, Montreal

Topic: The Emotional Narrative of Healthcare Advertising

Validated by science and surrounded by restrictions, the creative spirit of communicating has never been so relevant. Keeping the core of an idea intact is no easy task, but we should never underestimate the moving and disrupting power of a good idea. The reality of today has brought the subject of health to our daily lives. We no longer think of health as a discourse that is relevant only when we need it, but one that we don't want to loose. This session will tackle how an emotional narrative has relevance and longevity that leads to behavior change.


Virtual Webinars

Creative Hacks was born from Bernardo Romero’s desire to give back to the creative community and his strong belief that the Healthcare Industry should come together to positively impact and change lives through beautifully crafted ideas. The classes will range from steps to create ads from scratch – such as the ideation framework Romero uses to date – to different tools Industry leaders such as Tim Jones, Renata Florio and Shaheed Peera use on a daily basis as shortcuts to their success. The curriculum was designed for all levels, using a universally understood hands on approach that is seamlessly actionable.

“Sharing these modules with the Creative LIAisons mentees are an amazing way to accomplish my goal: to nurture and empower the next generation of creatives in order to make a greater impact in the world. This webinar series will help them optimize their work flow and enrich their craft repertoire, providing them all the tools they need to succeed and overdeliver” – Bernardo Romero.

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