2013 Attendees

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Graeme Clarke


Upon arrival at the Encore Hotel it became painfully clear that I have been living an underprivileged life.  Pillow-topped mattresses; marble showers and remote-controlled shutters are things human beings should not have to live without.

So after a quick call to mother from my toilet phone to express my displeasure in the conditions in which I was raised, the conference was underway.

The week was filled with amazing and inspirational people, as you would expect. From R/GA’s Nick Law, who has basically invented a new advertising platform, to Amir Kassaei, whose incredible life story will probably be made into a feature film starring Ryan Gosling.  LIA provided speakers with a breadth of knowledge from every facet of our industry.

However, as inspiring as the speakers were, what really inspired me this week were the other creatives attending the event. At some point it dawned on me that what makes our industry so great is not the work we create, but the people that create it. I met so many open minded people this week (like Oliver Rimoldi, a creative from London, who decided to marry his friend, because “fuck it” this is Vegas), people with an unbelievable zest for life, people with great ideas and different views, people that I think are going to move our industry forward and change it for the better.

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