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Rodrigo de Castro Silva

New York

When you’re a young creative, you’re also a broke creative. So, instead of writing a paragraph about my experience, I thought it would be more useful for the next generation of young creatives to get a list of tips telling them how to spend a week in Las Vegas without spending anything.

This is the best that I can do. The real tips will come from people like Mark Tutssel, Doërte Spengler-Ahrens and Amir Kassaei.

1. Don't. Ever. Drink. Stuff. From. Your. Minibar. Ever.

2. Buy a bottle of water on your first day and put it in your mini bar fridge. The first hangover will make you forget tip number one.

3. Tacos El' Gordo. Five minutes away from the Encore Hotel and two dollars each. They’re probably one of the best tacos you will ever eat.

4. Go to every breakfast/lunch/dinner you’re invited to. You’ve had lunch already? Have it again.

5. When you go to Spearmint Rhino (you should go) sit next to a rich/fat/Asian dude. They tend to make it rain on women. If you’re lucky you’ll get rained on too.

6. Play video poker at the casino. It's probably the second best way to get free drinks in Vegas.

7. Be a girl. It's the best way to get free drinks in Vegas.

8. Party in your hotel room. Fill your bath up with ice and add cans of beer.

9. Save all your food receipts to show your agency when you get back. Don't forget, it might look like a vacation, but it's a business trip.

10. Check tip number five again when you go to Spearmint Rhino for the second time.

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