2013 Attendees

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Julian Alberto Gutierrez Vega

Ogilvy & Mather Colombia

Every Creative Festival is like a piece of Outdoor, it is great but you have to see it from a long distance. LIA is the opposite. It´s the closest advertising experience that young creatives from different countries could imagine. That´s why the 2013 LIA ‘Creative Conversations’ would be like Digital or even Direct Marketing, totally personal and incredibly close to all the judges, to learn from them and finally understand what really happens inside the judging room.

Of course in Direct Marketing people always get something, like a gift or a souvenir. In LIA´s experience it would be like a great slap in the face telling you to remember important things. For me it was a call to dare conventions and re-open my mind to the miracle feeling of keeping ourselves hungry and take the risk to jump into those places or projects where nobody has been before.

So, the best place on earth to gamble is Vegas, and LIA´s gamble was right. To gamble doing a different festival, where a bunch of creativity students (Judges and young creatives) can keep creating the future of this lovely hobby (not job), because like “David” used to say: “Everybody needs a hobby”, and the best one for us should be advertising.  

Celebrating and investing
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