2013 Attendees

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Sophie Beard

Clemenger BBDO

Sin City. A Disneyland for adults. A place for high rollers, heavy drinkers and fat wallets; bronzing beauties by the pool, whitened smiles on dance floors and high heels at breakfast. It’s also the place that 60 creatives including me, called home for a week during LIA. And through all the flash and the cash (or our lack of it) we really did take home something pretty memorable.

Throughout the week we heard from the rock-stars of the industry. From Nick Law’s theories on re-shaping advertising, to Amir Kassaei’s call for more relevant ideas and Daymond John’s S.H.A.R.K mantra. We were even lucky enough to sneak into a statue discussion or two.

Listening to all those inspiring ad gurus made me think that the industry really is headed for a pretty great place. A place that celebrates humanity - whether that means more ideas focused on social good, telling fantastic stories or simply inviting people to play with our ideas instead of just consuming them.

When it all boils down to it, it’s how we connect to others that’s the important part. And after making so many great friendships at LIA, it’s those connections that I’ll really hang onto. Thanks again LIA.

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