2014 'Creative Conversations'

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Tyler Kirsch

Senior Copywriter
DDB New York
New York

What happens when you put 50+ of the most enthusiastic young creatives working in advertising in the same room for a week? Shit gets real. As different and diverse as we were, we were connected by a desire to revolutionize our business and do something meaningful. For some, that meant winning awards. For others, it meant changing the world. But as we listened to speeches from global creative directors and panels filled with the most influential names in the business, one thing became clear – to revolutionize the future of our industry we need to change the way we work. The systems, business models and agency hierarchies that ruled our industry for the past 50-70 years are holding us back. Advertising is about making emotional connections, solving business problems and finding new ways to shape culture. We have more tools and resources than ever before to deliver great work, but so much of what we make is the same. That starts from within. It’s time we use our skills and creativity to reorganize our processes, re-assess our priorities and realize our potential.


Celebrating and investing
in creativity