2015 Attendees

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Roland Atema

Associate Art Director
, United States of America


The Creative LIAisons program was fantastic. It was an opportunity to meet 95 other young creatives, to rub shoulders with a dozen industry moguls, and to hear their thoughts on where the industry has been and where it should go, all while trying to keep your head above water in the craziness that is Las Vegas. But after getting home, I realized this was more than just exposure to incredible work. This was about taking that home and applying it to daily life. To look beyond the brief, to address the client¹s problems, to address the world’s problems and maybe then win some awards. If we start using our platform with some social responsibility in mind, then this industry isn’t just about pushing products, it’s about addressing people’s needs and telling the stories that can help fix them.

Big thanks to Digitas for sending me, and to LIA for having me. It was a whirlwind of a week but I wouldn’t change a thing.