2016 Creative LIAisons


Fan Zong

Senior Copywriter

During the first 2 days of the program, I was excited about several of the world’s top creatives talking about their methodology and understanding of the industry.

Chris Smith was by far my favourite presenter, because he always stated his opinion after some kind of interactive exercise or game with the audience. For example instead of just lecturing to a room he would ask audience members questions. One question being, one’s favorite item for breakfast, and then proceeded to ask how that person would feel if that was the only item provided, even if it was his/her favorite item and if they did not have options to choose from. The general answer being that people always like to have a choice, thus the principle behind this exercise was that the client likes to have a choice.

The third day, which consisted of the InnerVation Lab workshop was really a hit, and up-leveled my horizon. It was a great honor to actually see and listen to Kevin Harrington and Daymond John, from the popular American TV show "Shark Tank", feel their passion and listen to their practical experience as well as their precise opiniond about everyone’s business questions.

On the very last day of the program, I spent 8 hours with the Jury members watching them criticize the work in the final round of judging in the Non-Traditional medium, and witness the birth of the Gold, Silver, Bronze, and a clear winner "Grand Prix" in this medium. The biggest take away for me was that the right category of your work is perhaps more important than how good it actually is, for example an extremely brilliant viral video idea may get nothing in a Non-traditional catogory.

I have to say Las Vegas is one of my favourite cities in the entire planet so far; it becomes insane at night and honestly not a good choice for training, haha.

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