2017 Attendees

Lucas Sousa Gondim

Art Director
Grey Chile
, Chile


My first impression of LIA's conference room was "Oh, this is way smaller than I thought it would be". Since each and every one of the speakers were such huge names of our industry, I just imagined things would be different.

But later I understood it: it was just the right amount of people so we could be encouraged to meet each other, to ask as many questions to the speakers as we wanted, and to feel a part of it.

And that's the greatest thing about LIA: feeling a part of it. Once you are there, you are able to meet all these incredibly talented people (speakers, jurors and young talent), but it is not your typical-cold-business-card-exchange-meeting I am talking about. It's about real networking, about talking to them, getting to know their experiences, what inspire them, what tips they want to share, why this and not that...

The talks, sitting in on the Jury statue discussions and overall experience was a really great way to learn and to be inspired - and also to make some good friends along the way.

It was an amazing experience being a part of the LIA Creative LIAisons attendees.