2017 Attendees

Keith Liu

Senior Copywriter
Hong Kong
, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China


The Creative LIAisons program is funded by London International Awards, tailor-made for young creatives around the world to learn and face-to-face interact with all the top figures in the creative industry. Different valuable seminars are arranged during the program and at the end the attendees even have a chance to sit-in on the statue discussions in the judging room alongside with all the jurors.

The 5 most interesting speaker sessions by topic and speaker were, "Master the Art of Seduction” by Pum Lefebure, “Jack Kirby’s Comic” by Ted Royer, “Fuck Me Moment” by Rob Belgiovane, “NOT the Digital Generation” by Malcolm Poynton and “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” by Susan Credle.

After all the valuable sharing from the leaders in the industry, I truly appreciate how all great people working in this industry always try hard to exceed their limits and strive for their very best. Now, I will always remind myself that no matter how the hard the brief is, there is still a way to create more and better works. Don’t settle with what is already there and always push harder and further.

To be honest Creative LIAisons is kind of a “perfect” experience, having great seminars, meeting great peoples in the industry, making new friend with all brilliant young creatives from around the world, etc. It’s hard to ask for more.