2021 Creative LIAisons Mentees

Théophile Robaglia

Artistic Director
, France



Since we’ve started the Creative LIAisons program, we’ve met all of our coaches: John Mescall, Anna Fawcett and Icaro Doria. And firstly, we want to highlight their involvement! We expected only one meeting with each of them. Actually, we met them every month. They are kind, patient and passionate.

Here is what we think about the LIA mentoring program: We’ve been part of the Young Lions competition a few years ago. And we were quite disappointed by the experience. Competition is good. However, nobody interacted with anyone out of your country, except during the award ceremony. LIA Creative LIAisons is different.

You enjoy quality time with amazing talents from all over the world. Each meeting is a unique opportunity to ask all the questions you have about your job, your career, the industry… questions you can’t share with your actual colleagues or managers. You benefit from the experience of creative leaders from different cultures, which helps you to be prepared for the next steps of your journey in advertising. Creative LIAisons is a terrific experience!

And well, at least, it's a good occasion to practice your English…

So thank you all at LIA for making it possible.

It’s precious.