2021 Creative LIAisons Mentees

Adrienne Eusebio

VMLY&R Philippines
Makati City
, Philippines


Coaches: Haris Fazlani, Creative Director, WØRKS, New York; Brian Yessian, Partner / Chief Creative Officer, Yessian Music, New York and Umma Saini, Brand & Creative Lead
Google India, Mumbai

On August 18th, I had my 3rd Creative LIAisons Coaching Session with Umma Saini. Umma was very understanding as we changed the date of our sessions so many times, because of full weekly schedules and personal events, from both our ends.
The session was fun and insightful, as were my sessions with my other two coaches, Haris Fazlani and Brian Yessian last May. Each session did not fail to jolt me back to appreciating the privilege of having a career that I enjoy. During each session, I made it a point to exchange stories and ask for my mentor’s unique perspectives for situations that I would not be able to ask my peers, my managers, or type in a search bar. It was wonderful to have a one-on-one session from someone across the globe, especially at the time of COVID-19. Being able to be introduced and connected with industry leaders is gold for a young, creative introvert like myself.
I’m grateful for the opportunity to ask all the questions I wanted and the time given to me despite these industry leaders’ extremely busy schedules. Creative LIAisons gave me the benefit of getting objective perspectives and directions to the help I needed. I will not go into detail of what I learned, or the stories I heard. Because, I think this is where the magic of Creative LIAisons comes in. Each of us will want to learn different things, have different objectives, and will look for different things to bring home. It’s wildly brilliant that these can be addressed in one way or another by the mentors, and how each session is made unique, driven by the directions they give. Each of my sessions was as unique and as wonderful as my mentors, and each piece of advice marked a watch-out, green flag, or useful landmark to help me in my journey in the creative industry.
Thank you again, Laurissa. And to LIA and my mentors - both in Creative LIAisons and those who gave me a chance to enter the industry.