2023 Creative LIAisons Onsite Panels & Speakers

Amélie Ebongué

Global Brand Leader / Bestselling Author /
Web3 Educator

Topic: Digital and Use of Social Media & Influencers Panel featuring: Amélie Ebongué, Matty Burton, Mukund Olety
About Amélie:
Amélie Ebongué is an experienced brand builder and strategic problem-solver with a passion for connecting brands with the right audiences. Multicultural marketing leader with a strong track record in brand marketing, digital trends and social media platforms with +10 years of experience. Passionate about the technological evolutions of our society, she analyzes the territories of digital expression and anticipates the trends of uses that shape the behaviors of tomorrow. From Skyblog to Vine, from LinkedIn to TikTok, Amélie was part of the emerging digital landscape. Her in-depth knowledge of digital culture as it scores on all social platforms allows her to refine her vision and explain how communities define themselves online and shape their relationships with brands. A true connoisseur in the digital age, she is able to identify the conversations that are live on social platforms and analyze future usage trends.

Amélie Ebongué published at the end of 2021 her first book Génération TikTok: A New Eldorado for
Brands ed. Hachette. Only six months after its publication, the book sold several thousand copies with
worldwide marketing in several European countries including France, Switzerland, Belgium, then widely in French-speaking Africa in the Congo, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, in Guinea, Senegal, Morocco and Benin to name a few.

As a published author and international speaker, she continuously shapes industry discourse through pioneering ideas, cutting-edge insights, and foresight into emerging trends. From Bogota, Lisbon, London, Stockholm to Las Vegas, she travels the world to share her knowledge in cultural innovation, intercultural leadership, career development, evolution of the sector or emerging technologies such as blockchain. Amélie Ebongué is one of the faces of global marketing with a multicultural approach to online communities and she’s one of the 50 Black Marketers to follow in 2023 according to the American African Marketing Association.

Digital and Social Media & Influencers Panel:
In this space people hold the power over brands. Instead of disrupting their experience, put the community first. Start by asking: how can we create for them?