2023 Creative LIAisons Onsite Panels & Speakers

Rachel McCready

Chief Creative Officer

Topic: Creativity in Health & Wellness and Pharma Panel featuring the LIA Health/Pharma Jury Presidents: Alessandra Gomes, Rich Levy, Rachel McCready
These jury presidents will delve into some winning work in Health and Pharma advertising and show just what makes it award winning.
About Rachel:
“If we cling to protectionist views of the creative process, we’ll be left behind. We need to open the doors and invite unexpected collaborators in.”
With more than 20 years of award-winning work in health marketing, Rachel’s experience covers nearly every specialty, organ system, and life stage, but she considers every assignment uncharted terrain – an opportunity to reinvent not only the destination, but how we get there. She views comfort as one of the greatest enemies of creativity, and the comfort habit can be especially alluring in the health space. “Comfort is a natural instinct, but it’s one we need to actively overwrite every day.”
Work created by Rachel’s teams has been recognized at award shows including NY Festivals (Global Awards), MM&M, Mannys, PM360, and The Creative Floor. She has served on juries including NY Festivals (Global Awards), Canada’s Marketing Awards, Clios, LIAs, and Effies Best of Best. In 2021, she was named to MM&M’s Hall of Femme (Women of Distinction).
Despite the depth of her experience, however, Rachel believes the first step in the creative process is to “forget everything. Don’t ask for an ad - ask for a new way of looking at things, and see what happens.”

From Creativity in Health & Wellness and Pharma Panel featuring the LIA Health/Pharma Jury Presidents:
•    The most critical ingredient in our craft is partnership. Develop a strong alliance with your account manager; they should be your best friend. Demonstrate to your clients that you are listening to their challenges. The best creative work doesn't come to life through creatives alone; creativity is a team sport.

•    The more we get in and do better work in the Health & Wellness sector, the more we attract better talent. In turn, that improves the work even more. It’s a virtuous cycle.

•    Do more work that co-creates with the community. We could do with more great examples of campaigns that use community co-creation as a tool and foundation.