About LIA

Increasingly, our industry has seen creativity commodified, demoted and marginalized. LIA stands for the belief that creativity is everything in the advertising, design and technology business, and we unabashedly celebrate the people who create. Let other shows and events court everyone, everything and every dollar; LIA seeks to continually be THE bastion for creatives, creativity, ideas and nothing else. LIA is also one of only 5 global shows included in the WARC Creative 100 Rankings.

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1st October - 10th October at Encore, Las Vegas

Creative LIAisons:

4th October - 8th October

Winners Announced:

4th November 2019

Floating Head

Other shows let you pay to sit in an audience and watch people win. Boring. LIA doesn't do a show, it spends the money on young creatives instead. Not boring.

Jeremy Craigen

Creative LIAisons


See the best, learn from the best, talk with the best, drink with the best, become the best. Creatives aged 21-30 can meet, learn and mingle with the creatives they look up to most in the industry. Running concurrently with the judging for LIA, LIAisons is funded by LIA. Space is limited to 100 delegates.

LIA Chinese Creativity Show

LIA is the first global awards show that honors and celebrates creativity conceived, written and produced solely in the Chinese language. Entries are only accepted in Chinese. Entering its third year, the jury is comprised of the top Chinese speaking creatives from around the world. This year, we will have jurors from Brazil, South Korea, Japan, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. The work is judged in its original format as it was released in the marketplace.

Judging will take place in Las Vegas simultaneously with the LIA Global judging. This year, we will award Gold, Silver and Bronze winners featuring the coveted Red Statue.

Each LIA Chinese Creativity Statue Winner will be assigned point values that will be added to the LIA Global rankings. These points will count towards LIA Global Of The Year and Regional Of The Year Awards. Chinese Creativity Statue Winners are also included in the Campaign Brief Rankings.


Judging: 2nd - 6th October at Encore Las Vegas

Results Announced: 4th November 2019