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Gerard Cantor
Production & Post-Production and Music Video

Founding Partner
Los Angeles

Having to judge so much work in so many different categories carries a great deal of responsibility. We owe it to everyone involved in each project to consider their work carefully; from the client who approved the script to begin with, to the creatives who created it, to the director and the whole production team who executed it, to the post-production team who finished it. Everything must be put into a scale and given its due consideration, while keeping an open mind. Thankfully, our whole group was extraordinary. With Rob Galuzzo as our fearless leader, and varying points of view and a great passion for the art and craft of production, we found our way and allowed the top work rise to the fore. 
Films like James Rouse’s “Hope” for the International Committee of the Red Cross were emotionally powerful while Grand LIA winner “The Faith of a Few” flawlessly transported us in time to when John Cooper invented the Mini and defied all expectations. These films and others clearly show that when brands place their trust in good ideas, and brave execution, the message is heard around the world.