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Perry Fair - Jury President
Branded Entertainment

Head of Partnerships
Red Bull Media House,
North America
Los Angeles

“Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?!”


Branded Entertainment. Oh Branded Entertainment.  At its best, it’s an emotional journey balancing storytelling and information at the highest level.  At its worst, it’s a branded commercial. As a judge what you don’t want the work to feel like you are standing next to the old high school quarterback talking about how great it all was. As President of the Branded Entertainment category, I just wanted to see the jurors cry on their Vans or spit take on the other jury members all black outfit.  We all walked into this with the agenda of wanting to be entertained. And to its credit, the work didn’t disappoint.

One submission stood out as our Grand LIA. 48 minutes long and we watched every second of it. It made us feel and talk and wonder about not just about the brand, or the story, but about the people and what happens next. It was everything we as judges wished we had created.

And it entertained.