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Nerea Cierco

Executive Creative Director
DDB Madrid


Not this time anyway. It wouldn’t be fair to keep under wraps such a refreshingly frank, honest, and respectful insight into our industry as the one we shared at this year’s LIA Awards. For five days, creatives from all over the world got together in the Nevada desert to celebrate the best our industry has to offer. We took on the commitment and responsibility of putting together a challenging list of winners in a relatively new category for brands: Integration.


The winners line up places the spotlight on bold brands who are taking a position in what matters to people and who do it through creativity; brave brands who are raising awareness about collective truths that go beyond their cause and remit. Here are brands who now talk to persons, not just consumers. Brands who are changing the world. Improving it. Transformative brands.


We staged it all under the watchful eye of young creatives from around the world; a measure that ensured our debates, arguments and opinions were of the highest quality and allowed us to establish a fair and competent list of winners.


The highlight of my stay at LIA was probably witnessing the emerging Asian and Indian markets and their ever-growing presence and relevance in our industry globally. To illustrate, in the same venue and at the same time as us they were running the LIA Chinese Creativity show, displaying the best Chinese creativity as part of the LIA Global awards.


I was also surprised, or rather disappointed, by the scant presence of the Latin-American markets, and in particular Spain. Normally our market performs well in this category and, in my view, it’s important to continue recognising our brands that have purpose. Ultimately, awarding this kind of work is a sound argument for brands who are already doing so to continue on that path, and for those brands who haven’t reached this point yet to bear in mind that, nowadays, to be relevant in people’s lives means taking a position over the things that really matter to them.