The Juries

Each year we assemble the best creative talent from around the globe
The best shows have the best judges. Like attracts like.

So appointing the right judges is a serious business. LIA puts careful thought and consideration into selecting the best frontline practitioners to sit on the juries. Every year, the jury members are high-profile professionals from diverse communities internationally; each accomplished in their field and acclaimed by their counterparts in the industry. Having a diversified jury (DEI) across the world - companies, networks, holding companies, independent companies to clients means having different points of view that would eventually lead to the best work being funnelled through.

There is a big weight of responsibility to push the most notable work to the top. That’s why, in the interest of total fairness, every jury member must see every piece of work from the get-go. No pre-judging off-site. And any juror who has a vested interest in a piece of work must abstain.


2024 Music & Sound Jury

Jury President

Carol Dunn
Executive Producer
Human, Santa Monica

As West Coast Executive Producer of award-winning music studio Human, Carol leads the creative partnerships for her team with their clients for commercials, film and TV through music, sound design and final mix. Carol develops projects and oversees audio production for their staff of 15 composers.

Her music career stretches over 30 years which began on the label side as a switchboard operator at Capitol Records. By being inquisitive and sharing her love of music & film with renowned music supervisor, Karyn Rachtman (Clueless, Pulp Fiction, Get Shorty) she was able to parlay that position from answering phones to sitting behind her own desk and helping produce notable soundtracks like Boogie Nights, Stealing Beauty, Baz Lurhmann’s Romeo + Juliet, Mystery Men, Bulworth, Rugats, I & II and Office Space to name a few.

As the landscape of how music is delivered began moving from actual records & CDs to streams and downloads, her career moved over to music publishing where she sharpened her synch chops even further. From publishing she moved directly onto the advertising side and has not looked back. Her music house career started at Amber Music in 2006 and continued with Asche & Spencer, Squeak E Clean and finally to where she is now, with Human.

Carol imagines music as another character in the film. This passion for marrying music to film naturally brought her to the audio post side of commercial making where her eyes and ears have been put to great use producing projects for brands like Toyota, Doritos, Samsung, Google, Nike, Uber, Nike Women, Cadillac and Coca Cola.

When she’s not overseeing production (and still reading Murakami’s 1Q84), she is tirelessly working for further diversity and inclusion within the industry of advertising.

The Jury

Cassiano Derenji
Executive Producer / Partner
DaHouse Audio, Overath
Karla Henwood
Executive Creative Producer
Squeak E. Clean Studios, Sydney
Eric Johnson
Executive Creative Director, NA
MassiveMusic, New York
Chris Jordao
Quiet City Music + Sound, Old Greenwich
Christine Leslie
Executive Producer / Music Supervisor
TA2 Sound + Music, Toronto
Halle Petro
Executive Creative Director
Sonic Union, New York
Henrique Tanji
CEO / Founder
Ritmika Audio Arts, São Paulo
Parv Thind
Managing Director / Partner / Sound Designer
Wave Studios, London
Sander van Maarschalkerweerd
Founder / Executive Music Supervisor
Sizzer, Amsterdam
Brian Yessian
Partner / Chief Creative Officer
Yessian Music, New York