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'Created For Creatives' Season 2 Episode 5 with Wesley Ter Haar and Dissara Udomdej, Hosted by Carren O’Keefe

08 February 2024

‘Created For Creatives’ Season 2 Episode 5 Featuring
Wesley Ter Haar, Founder and Co-CEO, Media Monks, Los Angeles and Dissara Udomdej, CEO/Creative Founder,
Yell Advertising, Bangkok

Is AI coming for our jobs or will it become an important tool that allows more time for creativity? It’s a question that the industry is facing and one that our host, Carren O’Keefe, along with guests Wesley Ter Haar and Dissara Udomdej are wrestling with, both inside and outside of the Jury Room. 
Wesley ter Haar and Dissara Ohm Udomdej were both on the 2023 LIA Creativity in the Metaverse and Evolution Jury. 
Episodes are available on Apple Podcast, Spotify and Youtube.


A podcast by London International Award

The 2023-2024 edition of 'Created For Creatives', a podcast by London International Awards, features our Jurors and some of the most highly esteemed and well-known names in the creative advertising industry. Episodes were hosted live in Las Vegas during LIA's 2023 Judging.

These raw and honest, no-holds barred, tell it as it is episodes discuss and dissect work, highlight and explore trends gleaned from the 2023 submissions, as well as future directions and more.