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'Created For Creatives' Season 2, Episode 6 Featuring Abby Sie of MassiveMusic and Sam Ashwell of 750MPH

15 February 2024

‘Created For Creatives’ Season 2 Episode 6 Featuring
Abby Sie, Head of Sound, MassiveMusic, Sydney and
Sam Ashwell, Supervising Sound Designer/Partner, 750MPH London 

A Shortcut to Emotion: AI in Music and Sound

Building your own sound library is a time saver, so it’s not unusual to discover that Sam Ashwell travels with a microphone in order to capture sounds from a coffee machine to the wind in a forest.
And while Sam Ashwell has the advantage of technology in his pocket, Abby Sie has had a musical ear from a young age; she started learning the piano and violin before she was five and carries her musicality and learning into her work.
Both Abby and Sam sat on the LIA 2023 Music and Sound Jury. They discussed the power of audio to convey emotion, how a sonic signature not only adds value to brands, but can make a brand more recognizable and how AI is impacting Music & Sound in a positive manner. Both Sam and Abby use tools, such as AI, to enhance creativity saying it can save production massive amounts of time, however they also reflect on how AI generated content still has a long way to go. 
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The 2023-2024 edition of 'Created For Creatives', a podcast by London International Awards, features our Jurors and some of the most highly esteemed and well-known names in the creative advertising industry. Episodes were hosted live in Las Vegas during LIA's 2023 Judging.

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