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Matty Burton, Group CCO of DDB Group New Zealand on the Benefits of Creative LIAisons

27 February 2024

Matty Burton, Group CCO of DDB Group New Zealand
on the Benefits of Creative LIAisons

Matty Burton, Group Chief Creative Officer at DDB Group New Zealand, Auckland was a Digital and Use of Social Media & Influencers LIA Juror and Creative LIAisons Coach/Mentor for in 2023.

Matty highlights the importance of the Creative LIAisons program. He speaks about how the first 10 years of his career he never received formal creative coaching or guidance and how beneficial this can be to young creatives at the start of their careers. He feels, ''the more we can connect younger creatives with older people, different ways of seeing the world, it's just going to give us a much more diverse, rich industry."

What began as a vision in 2012, became a zeal which crystallized into the Creative LIAisons Global Coaching Academy. LIA created this exclusive and sought after educational initiative, as a way of giving back to the industry that supports us. Our mission is to develop, educate, inspire and nurture emerging talent. That in a nutshell is the driving purpose behind Creative LIAisons.

The goal is to give young creatives from around the globe, access to learn from the most experienced and awarded people working in our industry and related businesses. This game-changing training academy is a powerful springboard for the current and next generation of talent. Consisting of both onsite and virtual programs, approximately 300 Creative LIAisons mentees participate annually.

The industry has praised Creative LIAisons as being an invaluable training tool for emerging talent. As a testament to how truly valuable this experience is, a number of past attendees quickly rose through the ranks to become high level creatives, company owners, or hold managerial positions at some of the world’s best known agencies, tech companies and brands. An elite few have been invited back as LIA Jurors or as Creative LIAisons Coaches.