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‘Created For Creatives’ Season 2 Finale Featuring Liz Taylor, Global CCO, Ogilvy and Nicky Bullard, CCO, Mullen Lowe Group, London

29 February 2024

Created For Creatives’ Season 2 Finale Featuring
Liz Taylor, Global Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy and
Nicky Bullard, Chief Creative Officer, Mullen Lowe Group, London
Hosted By Joe Hawkins

Are You Ready For It? Combatting Imposter Syndrome


Imposter syndrome can strike at any point in your career. Liz Taylor, Global Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy reflects on how in the advertising industry you need to back yourself - but when you can’t, it’s important to create your own board of directors who you can turn to for advice and a pep talk, it might be your partner, trusted colleagues, friends outside of your industry, even your mom.

Nicky Bullard, Group Chief Creative Officer for Mullen Lowe Group in London agrees, saying she still puts a lot of her success down to luck, no matter how hard she’s worked and what she’s achieved and it’s important to have people in your orbit who will champion you when you doubt yourself. Liz expands on that by stating, “You feel very rewarded when you can mentor, champion and help people’s careers.”

Sitting down with host Joe Hawkins, Liz and Nicky discussed their roles as Global/Chief Creative Officers; how they approach managing people and projects, and how even in these higher managerial positions they try to keep a hand in the creative.

Nicky and Liz were on the 2023 LIA Non-Traditional jury, which they said was a very fun category to judge, with campaigns that made the jury members laugh or with details that were a bit weird or threw something unexpected into the mix.

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The 2023-2024 edition of 'Created For Creatives', a podcast by London International Awards, features our Jurors and some of the most highly esteemed and well-known names in the creative advertising industry. Episodes were hosted live in Las Vegas during LIA's 2023 Judging.
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