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Malcolm Poynton, Global CCO, Cheil on the Invaluable Bootcamp that is Creative LIAisons

06 March 2024

Malcolm Poynton, Global CCO, Cheil Worldwide
on the Invaluable Bootcamp That is Creative LIAisons

Malcolm Poynton, Global CCO, Cheil Worldwide Discusses the importance of LIA Creative LIAisons
Malcolm Poynton, Global Chief Creative Officer at Cheil Worldwide discusses the importance of Creative LIAisons, an educational initiative funded by London International Awards - LIA, to train emerging talent, coaching them to their full potential. Malcolm was on the 2023 LIA Integration Jury. 

Malcolm delves into the invaluable Creative LIAisons onsite bootcamp, in which young creatives get a glimpse into what goes on in the judging rooms, experience real time, high pressure ideation and executing a brief with a deadline, during a workshop and receive face time with some of the worlds industry leaders.

In addition, Malcolm goes on to talk about the Creative LIAisons virtual coaching program and how impactful it is for mentees to get one-to-one access to the leaders of the industry, to be able to ask the mentors any questions they have at this stage in their careers and for mentors to also find out what is going on at that level.

Malcolm highlights "that we are seeing the Creative LIAisons program in person and online accelerating the growth and depth of capability in the creative up and coming in the industry, the next generation, who will define what comes next. It is so import, because traditional learning structures have pretty much evaporated from the industry. There is a lot when people first get started; there are executive level coaching opportunities, but actually for people who are in the industry to get through and push the industry forward, this is such a unique program that does it in a way unlike any others and that is a massive benefit to the industry."

After experiencing Creative LIAisons, a number of past attendees quickly rose through the ranks to become high level creatives, company owners, or hold managerial positions at some of the world’s best known agencies, tech companies and brands. An elite few have been invited back as LIA Jurors or as Creative LIAisons Coaches.