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Alec Stern, DDB Chicago: What Creativity Means To Me...

17 February 2021




Director of Music
DDB Chicago

To me, creativity has always been the space where trust, curiosity, and vulnerability collide. I think what’s interesting about all of these things is that they simultaneously rely on you getting out of the way and letting something outside of yourself in, but also being the most truthful to who you are as possible. I don’t think true creativity can happen if all of this isn’t happening all at once. It takes a real knowing of self to get there
That said, creativity also doesn’t have to be this massive thing. There are so many small, intimate, beautiful ways you can be creative in your everyday life. Every action you take can be done with creativity at its heart. In fact, I think most things in our everyday lives are begging for a creative approach. It’s about being in-tune to that frequency. Rather than habit or doubt or distraction being the guide, it’s about allowing trust, curiosity, and vulnerability to lead the way in whatever it is you’re doing. A more fulfilling life is always on the other side of that leap.