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'5N30' S2E5 Featuring Rob Lenois, CCO, Vayner Media and Jay Kamath, Founder/CEO, Haymaker

12 March 2023


'5N30 Anything but Advertising'
Hosted by Oliver Fuselier, Managing Director/Executive Producer of Great Guns USA and Phoebe Siggins, COO of LBB & Head of LBB Lab PR.

Focusing on anything but advertising, the series celebrates not only the creative spirit that keeps our industry moving forward, but also the personalities that shape its future. This series poses 5 questions in 30 minutes to its guests on 'anything but advertising'.

Season 2, Episode 5 featured the following guests: Rob Lenois, CCO at Vayner Media and Jay Kamath, Founder/CEO at Haymaker.

Check out the episode below!