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London International Awards Announces Creativity in the Metaverse and Evolution Winners From Las Vegas

12 October 2023


For the first time, London International Awards, live from Las Vegas, is announcing the Winners & Finalists as each jury completes judging. After deliberating over the work in-person, the Creativity in the Metaverse and Evolution Juries, led by Kaleeta McDade, Chief Experience Design Officer of VMLY&R, are proud to announce the winners. Following substantial deliberation surrounding the contending work, the jury awarded eight Statues in Creativity in The Metaverse and 24 in Evolution.

Kaleeta McDade Describes the difference between the
Metaverse work and Evolution work 

Kaleeta McDade, Jury President commented, “The Metaverse is this beautiful place that is immersive where were can look at brand stories in a different way, and Evolution is where we feel the industry is going, so it’s agnostic of any category as much as it is inspired by where we are as an agency and as [an industry], and where do we feel we are going.”

Creativity in the Metaverse Awards a Grand LIA

In the Creativity in The Metaverse category, the jury awarded a Grand LIA, one Gold, three Silver, three Bronze Statues and five Finalists. This year, the Grand LIA was awarded to The Monkeys, part of Accenture Song, the work was created for The Government of Tuvalu titled “The First Digital Nation”.       




Evolution Winners Announcement 

In the Evolution category, the jury awarded six Gold, ten Silver, eight Bronze statues and five Finalists. “For The Evolution, we did not award a Grand and that was not because there wasn’t strong work, we just didn’t feel we saw ourselves in where we feel advertising is going thought we thought there was a lot of really strong work that was worth awarding” comments Kaleeta McDade.




Words from LIA President 
Barbara Levy 


“This is only our second year since we introduced Creativity In The Metaverse into the competition. It was very encouraging to see the creative community embracing it as there is actually a Grand LIA,” stated Barbara Levy, LIA President.”