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Reflections From 2023 Creative LIAisons Onsite Program: Salvador Gonzalo Posse

13 December 2023


How do you feel about the Creative LIAisons experience overall?

I feel grateful in life for having had the opportunity to live this tremendous experience. I also feel that I learned a lot, that I am more motivated than before, and that I have a broader view of the industry. I am pleased to have chosen this profession.

What are your favourite parts of the Creative LIAisons program? (Apart from Meow Wolf and free-flow drinks on LIA's tab)

Perhaps I can't be objective, but everything in the Creative LIAisons program fascinated me. It seemed useful, made sense, and nothing felt unnecessary.

For someone coming from Argentina, presenting ideas to Daymond John seems really unreal. Talking and thinking with people from all over the world as well. Another thing I loved about the program was getting to know new agencies and new leaders from the talks.

Obviously, all the glamour of Las Vegas, the beauty of the Encore, being welcomed with a card with your name on it, is part of the beauty of the program.

What's the biggest lesson you're taking home with you, or that you think is a big revelation that will take your career to the next level?
Before traveling to LIA - London International Awards, I was in doubt about whether to buy a new phone or go to the U2 concert at the Sphere. Surely you also saw thousands of posts talking about how incredible the show was, that it was going to revolutionize the entertainment world, that it was so, so good that it was worth paying $500 to go.

One of the activities at LIA is being an observer of a jury. When it ended, Brian Colins, who was one of the jurors, asked us if we had any questions. One attendee asked one, and then another and another, and after a few questions and thinking about it a lot, I dared to ask one. It's not easy to stand in front of the top 8 people in the industry, plus your 30 peers, and ask a question in English. "What advertising book do you recommend to us?" I asked.

After we finished with the questions, Colins told us that he wanted us to learn something, to "Speak up!" So to the first 6 people who asked questions, he was going to give them a ticket to the U2 show.

I was the sixth. And the U2 show was everything they say it is.

Thanks for the tickets, Brian, but above all, for the advice.

In addition to these lessons, I leave a list of other specific things that I learned:
  • When an idea is rejected and you really like it, save it.
  • You have to play with guys who play better than you, as in tennis when you play against someone better, you improve.
  • Advertising notes are useful for visas.
  • Pocket knives and smartphones are colliding ideas, meaning they clash.
  • Work so the future becomes so irresistible it becomes inevitable.
  • Creative Directors have to be generous.
  • Kryptonite is what gives meaning to Superman's story.
  • Think of ideas that keep giving.
  • Big ideas are the answers to big questions.
  • What questions are you trying to answer?
  • Work to get more work.
  • Joy has no boundaries.
  • Advertising is not in the detail; it is the detail.
  • Feel all the feelings.
  • Make a boring thing creative.
  • Without a goal, it's hard to score.
  • David Droga threw bad ideas on purpose, so that others would also throw them.